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Our worst Nightmare


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I have just found out about the European Union Directive on dietary supplements.


It will affect all of us and our childrens health if we don't help with this cause.


This directive, which is part of a larger form of legislation called Codex Alimentarius, severley restricts access to natural health produts in Europe.

This also affects the US and Australia because of pre existing international agreements.

The media in both countries has chosen not to report on the directive, so most of the population are unaware of the magnitude of the situation.


5000 products are set to disappear because the EU directive classifies vitamins and mineral supplements as "Medical Drugs" rather than dietary supplements which means that they will be subject to government regulation in terms of dosage and availability.

There are many nutrients known to be vital to optimal health that are not on the government's RDA list including Chromium picolinate, lysine and selenium. Under the directive, these types of supplements are banned from over the counter sale.

It will be illegal to buy them without a perscription.

The supplements that will be available will be restricted to multi vitamins containing no more than 100% of established RDA amounts, which are usually useless, trivial quantities- and they will be far more expensive then what we have now. Plus the directive only allows supplements to be made froma list of 15 minerals and 13 vitamins. That leaves out 40 minerals important to the human body.


So, for instance, a middle aged woman in England, who has a dangerously elevated homocysteine level, will no longer have the option of reducing her risk of heart disease with a vitamin B dosage of her own choosing. If she is currently taking 5mg of folic acid daily, under the new directive she will be legally restricted to a prescription of 1mg per day.

If she is taking a 100-mg dose of B6, she'll be restricted to 10mg. And her pantothenic acid (B5) intake of 500mg will drop to 200mg. These maximum dosage levels have been chosen to "protect" her (so we're told) when in fact the protection she needs the most will be unavailable.


In addition to these essential B vitamins, low maximum dose levels have also been set for Vitamin C, niacin and Vitamin E.

Approx 350 supplement ingredients are missing from th list. If they are not added to the list by June 2005 they will be deemed illegal throughout the European Union.


There is more to the article which I have quoted from the Living Now November issue. The author is Jonathon V. Wright. M.D.


His website is http://www.paradigm-changes.com

I would also urge you to check this site for the updated info on the court case



the other link I found was



this is really important if you want to have freedom of choice over your health.


If this bill gets through no-one will be able to manufacture vitamins or minerals in the needed doses. Papers like Living Now will be unable to advertise the benefits of any alternative therapies including shiatsu and kinesiology and the massive pharmacutical company's will have free rein.


Please read this and let other people know about it. The more publicity the better. If you can donate any cash it would be helpful, the case is going through the courts really soon.



I apologise if this is an inappropriate article for this forum, but my kids health depends on this directive not getting through. How would I be able to megadose my child with his theraputic vitamins/minerals after school camps to return him to from 100% tics to less then 1% if it gets through?

Then the Drs would be able to prescibe the other meds that some of you guys have tried with the bad side effects, I would have no choice.



Clare :o

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Hi Clare


thanks for the reminder on this.

I actually did write to a number of US representatives in connection with this issue some time ago, and received some replies that led me to believe that the EU decisions could NOT impact the US regulations.


However, with this coming up next year, it is time to put on the activist caps and get back to protecting our rights.

I am going to post Dr Wright's article over at Braintalk too, as well as to email it to a number of groups and individuals.


I would truly be amazed if countries like Germany and other "mainstays" of herbal and other alternative rememdies did not challenge this BIG TIME!


for those that havent read Dr Wright's article

here it is, along with it's advice at the bottom as to how to take action




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Ugh--devastating. I just don't know whom to write to?


Chemar is correct about Germany--they are the best with alternate methods.




ps I believe I have (had?) high homocysteines, and feel like the higer folic acid and B12 made a big difference. Heart disease runs in our family.


I assume that drug money is behind this--more profits if it goes through the oligopoly.


I know of a friend with cancer whose doctor specifically told them "don't go on the internet"--our information is much more up to date. She seemed reluctant to disobey the directive. Arrrrrgh!


Control control and abuse of power.

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Thanks for bringing this to my attention, Clare! I am very angry about this - we have rights !!


I agree with Claire, it is again the multi-national companies behind this.


I am reading the links you all posted and am definitely going to find out what actions I can take here in Canada.



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Hi Caz,

I printed off the flyer from the website and am giving it to all the health food shops around plus the natural therapy practitioners, most of whom don't know a thing about it.

I am sticking them up wherever I can.

I also emailed the website to all my friends and told them how important it was, most of them take supplements.


I wouldn't be surprised if the multi national pharmacutical companies are behind things.


I met a family a couple of weeks ago, who have had a nightmare time with Dr's and dept of child protection in NSW.

When I first read their story I couldn't understand why the Traditional medical Dr went to the lengths he did.


Then it turned out that if the child survived with the natural therapies, it would make people question the chemo.

Less money for guess who.


When I met the child's parents last week the truth came out which wasn't written in the story.

The little one passed away last week, two days after I saw her parents. I tell you, I have never been so devestated in my life.


If you want to read the story its on

www.evehillary.org and the childs story is under sarah westley.

I advise a box of tissues.

There is also a story about the natural therapy Dr Eckard Roehrich(MD) who was deregistered for trying to help her. That story also has chilling implications for people like us, who need these people to support us in our searches for TS help.

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