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Thank you. This is good information. I will look into it.




Not a kid, but an adult with lyme&PANDAS, just wanted to chime in with my experience. I used to take about 70 different supplement, every day, some multiple times per day. Each one was measured with "muscle testing" (applied kinesiology) and my body said it was helpful. Managing that kind of inventory was quite a challenge, and I did run out sometimes, many times I would notice within a day or two how valuable it was for me. Others, I never noticed anything. When I got into really trying to reduce pills and costs, I tested priorities and ordered them (again, muscle testing) and then dropped a few at the really bottom. I started buying a lot more from iHerb and vitacost, as opposed to from my doctors, different brands, but I found replacements that were a lot cheaper.


I really don't believe any have helped with an overall cure, but absolutely they helped manage symptoms. With acid reflux and bad digestion, you bet vitamins and minerals helped (not absorbed from food) and something to fix lining of esophagus helped. With neurological infection/inflamation, you bet some of the supplements targeted at that helped.


If you have access to muscle testing, would strongly encourage you to use that. For some people, it is easy to learn to do that testing yourself. It took me a couple/few years to learn it well enough to trust it, but some people learn it well in a matter of minutes with a good teacher. The great part I have just experienced by sticking with them and testing them, is to see you test for less and less when you get real healing, I am down now to about 10 supplements (6 of them probiotics), which is gratifying to see, but also confirmation of real healing which can be useful.



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Is Dr. Mullen also a pediatrician? I would love to find a ped. who is also PANDAS literate.


We are in So. Cal, so Burbank would be great. Do you recommend her?




(And anyone else, a recommendation for a PANDAS literate ped in Pasadena/Glendale/Burbank/Duarte.... would be awesome.)




My advice is- If you are thinking of cutting back, just cut out one thing at a time and try to have an objective measure of behavior for several months before you remove another element.


I highly agree and be sure to leave a significant amount of time in between.

I do not feel that supplements are a complete waste. Even if it turns out that, for example, the omega-3s didn't help with the pandas, it certainly is very good for your child. Many people with no health issues see these benefits and take omega-3s, probiotics, antioxidants, vitamins, etc.

A Pandas doctor, Dr. Nancy Mullan, in Burbank CA would respectfully disagree with the doctor who states that supplements will not help with PANDAS. She feels strongly that natural remedies are far more effective. A lot of theories and opinions... leaves us in the middle without any studies to show us the way. Good luck.


Hi! we also live in L.A, did you find a good PANDAS Dr. to treat your child?


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My grandson has been taking a suppolement called MinTran, recommended by a nutritionist who had suggested it for another PANDAS child, who did well with it. It made a noticeable difference in my grandson, so much so that my anxious daughter-in-law started taking ir and it made a noticeable difference. My grandson has a mild case of PANDAS, but even inmore severe cases, it's at least worth a try for a time.

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