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update on son

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Hello All

Haven't been posting in awhile but come and check things out once in awhile. Son has been doing great this past year. He is on topamax 25mg at night and tics have been pretty much non exist...little things that I notice such as a nose noise but then when we had him to a native american healer he said that there was a birth defect in behind his nose most likely causing it...anyways back in Feb. we went on vacation and our son spent some time in the pool and I started to hear some noises and some minor tics happening....a few weeks later they subsided then we had swimming at school for 3 days and again things started alittle and slowly subsided. Now we are at summer and he spent 3 times in my parents pool and an eye tic and a small head nod started. The same thing happen last year and i blamed it on a good baseball hit to the head and a change to generic topamax...but now I am thinking it is chlorine because in Sept. they ceased. Can't keep him from the pool he loves it so we do the epson salt soaks and hoping it keeps him under control a bit. Not looking forward to braces getting started after hearing things on the board but he wants them so badly...his teeth are in a mess so guess we will see what happens. Read here about dong some kind of allergy treatment to stop the allergic reaction to chlorine but can't find anyone in the Pa area to do it...

Well just wanted to say hi and give sons update.... Thanks for listening


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Thanks Abbe...

bmom... I do beleive it is the topamax...I use sprinkle caps

I do not know of really any side effects that he is experiencing...unless things are happening I do not know about but he is doing wonderful in school..lowest grade average is a 93...and in two classes a 96 and the clasees are hard....so he is able to concentrate and retain knowledge. We do give it to him in the evening in case it makes him tired and when he played baseball waited until after we came home....he is a pitcher and to be sure we wanted him to have all his strength.

I also found that giving him B6 and Vitamin C is important with his multivitamin. Now that this has stared again with the swimming we try to have him soak in epson salt foot soak each day and I started back with the kids calm in some applesause with supper. I also try to convince him to swim in my parents pond rather than the pool...but that doesn't always work LOL although he does enjoy jumping off their bridge :wub:

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glad to hear things going so well Mary :wub:


chlorine is one of my son's biggest tic triggers...so much so that he made the choice to stop swimming in chlorinated pools years ago because the tic storm after was just not worth it to him. It got so bad that he would tic and get hives breaking out, even when he tried to rinse off quickly after being in the pool

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