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Urgent: How to store serum for Cunningham Test

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Hi all.


We did a blood draw for Dr. C's test, but missed the Fedex cutff by minutes (a stupid timing issue that I won't go into here).


They centrifuged it to serum for us. Does anyone know how to store it until tomorrow? Fridge? Freezer? Ice packs like they would be in for FedEx?




-- Lfran

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We missed the evening pickup also. The lab put extra ice packs in it and we shipped it that night (after the deadline) and it arrived first thing in the morning one day later. This made it 36 hours old. Since it was centrifuged (as was ours), you are in better shape.

Put it in the fridge, put the ice pack that came with it in the freezer, pack it all up in the morning and ship it. It should get there Friday AM and you should still be ok.

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