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After what I have observed and learned over the past year I would tend to agree with Ausclare. If you are talking about Halloween treats, it is probably other things that are causing the reaction. Although sugar does increase the overgrowth of yeast which will worsen the digestive tract absorption, the reactions to foods are usually the common triggering foods that are hard to digest for our kids (artificial additives, preservatives, dyes, etc).


Keep at it and you will find those triggers.



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I agree with Heather and Ausclare. It's usually Not the sugar - it's the colors, flavors, preservatives, or corn syrup.

An example of a preservative that has really affected us in the past is in Reese's Peanut Butter cups. Who doesn't love those! And you see a lot of them in Halloween candy. Notice the last ingredient on the label - TBHQ. Nasty stuff...

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Like most of you I used to assume sugar was an issue, so I religiously avoided things like cordial (coolaid) and gave my kids fruit juice 100% instead, especially my TS son, to take all his supplements with.


About a week ago, I eliminated this, and "touchwood" things are on the improve. It was probably the last of the "salycilates" left to eliminate. I thought the juice would be the hardest thing to give us, becajuse of the supplements, but I was wrong.


Instead we use the failsafe "magic cordial" which is simply water and sugar 1 cup each heated till sugar is dissolved, and then add half to one teaspoon of citric acid. Cool, and store in the fridge. MIx 1:4 It is very sweet, so it could probably go to 1:6 for kids like mine not used to drinking cordial.


This is something I NEVER would have done before because of my percieved sugar issue.


Time will tell if such things create other problems - like yeast issues, but for now, it looks like it may be a better alternative to what I used to think was so healthy - juice.

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