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C5 TS programme yesterday


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for anyone in the UK, if they saw Extrdoinary people, TS programme on channel 5 it was worth watching.


was strange seeing real people suffering with TS.


wierd that as soon as i say TS needs be made public thers loadsa tv programmes on it!!


Felt real sorry for the people on it though.

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well TS is something i havent seen yet, i only feel myself doing it

i dont c u lot doing it, we just share our problems


it was about the effects of 3 men who had it, how they cope, how unbearable it is for them


one guy believed nothing was wrong and did a PHD in 4 yrs for it


but it was hard for the other two, they couldnt work etc


just upsetting actually seein what it was like

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Were the people on the show from the UK?


Is there any way you could contact the shows producers (maybe through the TV website) and offer them the lattitudes web address.


The TV station may be able to pass on the info for you.

Then you might be able to start your own UK TS support group.

Or alternatively they might be grateful to find this one.

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