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Today Show/Pepsi giving away $100K!

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Yes, this contest closed on June 11, 2010 at 9:00 pm ET am ET (“Contest Period”).


This is the next step...


From 8:30 am on June 28, 2010, through 9:00pm ET on July 1, 2010, (“Voting Period”), the public will be invited to vote on the four (4) finalist Nominations by choosing the Nomination that best represents the Judging Criteria (defined below).


Read more: http://www.today.msnbc.msn.com/id/37382379.../#ixzz0r6jdNBaK


I don't think they announced any finalists yet (who the public will vote for).

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According to the rules, they will announce 4 finalists on or around 6/28. The finalists will be contacted prior to this date using the e-mail and/or phone number provided when submitting.


IMPORTANT: The finalist has 24 hours to respond when contacted or they will pick a runner up. Please make sure you check your e-mail daily if you submitted.


Voting is between 6/28 and 7/1.

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I thought I would bump this as a reminder that the Today Show will be contacting possible finalists soon. If you get an email or call from nbc or Today Show, open it and respond. As DaleS mentioned above, the finalist has 24 hours to respond when contacted or they will pick a runner up.


Thank you!

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Hi Vickie,


I just came across this post as I have been off the forum for a few weeks.


In response to your question, the PANDAS Resource Nerwork is being sponsored by OU PANDAS Foundation until our own IRS non-exempt status is processed and approved (this takes months). So we are one in the same in which we solely support Dr. Cunningham's efforts and any donations recieved go into the OU PANDAS Fund. Sponsorship from one non-profit to another is routinley done when a new non-profit is established.


Little to late for the today show effort but wanted to clarify.




Someone on facebook asked whether Dr C's work would be considered a non-profit. This is how I responded...


I thought about that. But since when we donate to Dr C's work through the Univ of OK, we can deduct the donation, I consider that non-profit. I don't believe PANDAS Network is a non-profit, it's very very good website, but not a non-profit.. PANDAS Resource Network (PRN) is. If anyone wants to do that, that's fine by me. Maybe if you list PRN, say PRN with proceeds going to Dr Cunningham work.



In reference to the question about the photo. Did you save a photo on your computer? If so, when you click "browse" it connects you to all your files. You find the one you want to use and double click. The photo itself will not pop up on the entry but the info of it fills the box. You should then be able to submit it.



One moment.....Since Lynn Johnson heads PRN and she has been affiliated w/ the Today Show, would there be a conflict of interest if anyone lists PRN? Opinions on PRN vs just listing Dr C would be appreciated.

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