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It hasn't happened with me. Lately, I've been loigging in with my email. If you have a fb account, you can use the fb Pepsi voting apppication. It s VERY easy and you can still vote for the others on our list with it too.


I find the fb Pepsi voting app is what my friends prefer to use on facebook.

Another hint, even though you can only vote once a day, you can click "vote" and it will still allow you to share it on your wall as many times as you want! I share it at diffrent times during the day.


Every time I try to log in through Facebook the whole browser closes down. This was happening yesterday too. Anyone else seeing this??
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The cause that just took our 6th place is not one we want to lose to. It may ultimately benefit good people, but in my opinion are not doing it in a moral way.


We need to fight with everything we have and show them that we will not sit here and do nothing. We NEED to reclaim that spot. Not only for us but for all the causes that are falling due to want they are involved in.


Please everyone, find it somewhere to push harder. Even if you post it in one spot, it may help. I may sound desperate, but we cannot lose our spot to them. We need to show them how PANDAS parents fight for their kids and how bad this research is needed!


Thank you!

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One week to go! Please send good thoughts my way. Let's regain #6 TODAY. Vote, then promote it somewhere, anywhere. As always, no comments needed. Thank you!


Promotion idea: I am a fan on my local zoo's page on facebook. So, you know what I posted...

PANDAS isn't always a cute bear. It is also an autoimmune disorder affecting children. In some kids, strep can lead to OCD, tics, anxiety, and personality changes. Please help us win a research grant for PANDAS! http://www.refresheverything.com/PANDAS


Updated 6/23


LATITUDES morning and afternoon



2.Sophias Cure


4.walk on foundation



7.Woolly Pocket

8. What I Can Do Makes a Difference

9. gktw



www.refresheverything.com Paste into search box...


PANDAS / JETT / "Sophia Cure" / "provide medical equipment" / "skip" / "narcolepsy research" / "quality assist" / "woolly pocket" / "give kids the world" / "ataxia"



LATITUDES evening through night




3.Sophias Cure



6. WMS

7. Sierra academy

8. Area 13 special olympics

9. Camp out against cancer

10. Give Kids the World


www.refresheverything.com Paste into search box...

PANDAS / JETT / "Sophia Cure" / "rryr" / "skip" / "give kids the world" / "sierra academy" / "nicole searfoss"/ "gavin thomas" / "caritas group"

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If anyone is having trouble with their computers freezing up on them when trying to vote......try voting at night. I had LOTS of trouble with my computer freezing up when I would try to vote at ANY time of the day....morning to evening. When I started to vote at night....around 10 or 11 pm (EST)........all my votes went through like a breeze!



Keep voting and try this if you are having trouble!!


Also, try switching your internet browser to Mozilla Firefox......people are reporting great success with that!!

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