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Pepsi Refresh Project PANDAS

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"Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success." -Henry Ford


www.refresheverything.com Paste into search box...

PANDAS / JETT / "Sophia Cure" / "lil iguana" / "skip" / "rise up" / " narcolepsy research" / "ataxia" / "monkey chair" / "CHSL"

Thanks so MUCH for these lists. They are awesome & now that we don't need to comment, this is such a fast process. Wish the proxy thing were still good..... Thanks, Vicki and Kelly.

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Thanks Vicki & the others behind the scene. The lists help immensely. I'm pretty computer "challenged", but even I can cut & paste! :)


Maybe you have noticed the changes Pepsi put in place with the need to type the goofy words--guards against computers doing the voting. Plus, I noticed I haven't been able to go right down the list & vote w/o going to the project. Still- faster tan before.


I made a plea again to my church family to vote and pray. We had to place our son in the hospital yesterday. We had exhausted our ability to keep everyone safe here at home. (yes, we are on IVIG #2!) I said that this would be a tangible way to care.


I am a bit confused why when we help all of these groups out they jump up in the ratings, but we hover. Kind of confuses me. I am confident we will pull this off!!!!!! GO, (away really) PANDAS!!! We can do it for all our kids and families needlessly suffering.



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Thought I'd let everyone know that in this first 7 days of June, I have had 3 different people affiliated with different pepsi causes approach me for more info on PANDAS. Either to pass it on to friends, family members or for themself. It's a great feeling to know we are helping others and possibly saving more kids. Great job!

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I saw a couple comments by JETT that said for PANDAS to be sure to sign into the daily reminder system so they can keep track of our votes??? What are they talking about? We're all voting for JETT like crazy and they are going up, up, up. We agreed to no comments and, unless I missed something, don't know what the daily reminder system even is. We expect their support for our faithful, consistent committment to them for the second month!

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