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Bumping up the voting list for the Easter Time Zone lunch crowd. Also, here is something Kelly posted on another thread...



From our nominee, Dr. Madeleine Cunningham, when told how close we are!!




"I am so excited. This could save our

research life this year. It is overwhelming

to see how hard you all have worked for us

for this grant. We will make it count to

help us find more answers. At least we will

do our best."


Best wishes






Save their research life!!?? :) That is pretty big, guys!!! :(

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bumping this as a reminder for the lunch crowd. We're still #4 and we need to stay there!


Also, before I forget, tomorrow....In the past, I believe the Pepsi page for VOTING has been open until midnight Eaastern Time. However, to be safe maybe we can try to get our voting done by 8pm ET. I know this may not be possible for everyone, but if it's a possibility, I suggest doing it. The site may be bogged down at the very end.


When voting ends at midnight, then there will a 1/2 hour window before the final ranks are posted. So, we will not know our final rank until 12:30am ET.


Finally, note, if we end in the top 10, we are declared FINALISTS. There is then a 2-3 week audit of results and eventually winenrs will be announced in the later part of July.

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It's the last day of June and we slipped to #6!!!! <_<


Like Peg said, it's time to give this competetion a streroid burst!


Please give today everything you have & more. I have seen causes drop 4 or 5 spots in a day. We can't afford to do that now! We have 17 hours to win this thing and we can do it! Everyone needs to post our link somewhere to day to get that final surge of voters!


Vote! Vote!! Vote!!!



Updated 6/30


LATITUDES morning and afternoon



2.Sophias Cure




6.tunes for troops

7.Woolly Pocket

8. What I Can Do Makes a Difference

9. gktw

10.project paul


www.refresheverything.com Paste into search box...


PANDAS / JETT / "Sophia Cure" / "rryr" / "skip" / "project paul" / "quality assist" / "woolly pocket" / "give kids the world" / "tunes for troops"



LATITUDES evening through night




3.Sophias Cure



6. WMS

7. Narcolepsy

8. harrison, ar

9. tunes for troops

10. Give Kids the World


www.refresheverything.com Paste into search box...

PANDAS / JETT / "Sophia Cure" / "rryr" / "skip" / "give kids the world" / "sierra academy" / "harrison, ar"/ "narcolepsy research" / "tunes for troops"

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