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PLEASE pull all stops out. Remember, work harder this week and we can be done completely! Filter all your anger for this disorder into defeating it.


Remember our goal...FUNDING FOR RESEARCH so our babies don't have to suffer!

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Thanks for the long link, Vickie! Did you know you can take a long link to

http://tiny.cc/ and it will shorten the long link?


Thus, this http://apps.facebook.com/pepsirefresh/idea...672e31b3cc23ede


turns into this http://tiny.cc/oxdjl





Just so you know the facebook voting link automatically gets abbreviated on latitudes since it is long. You will need to click on it, have it go to the page, then cut and paste what is in your browser in order to pass that one on:)


Thank you!


Let me try this "http://apps.facebook.com/pepsirefresh/idea/view/id/e4967728-67c3-102d-9528-0019b9b9e205?ref=mf&fb_sig_in_iframe=1&fb_sig_iframe_key=1ff1de774005f8da13f42943881c655f&fb_sig_locale=en_US&fb_sig_in_new_facebook=1&fb_sig_time=1277388552.504&fb_sig_logged_out_facebook=1&fb_sig_added=0&fb_sig_country=us&fb_sig_api_key=f96f7542a8c3ccef4ea4a3dbb7a59b0e&fb_sig_app_id=263136462520&fb_sig=f34ef3c0abd973b717581402e89ea168&auth_token=ba4fc289f8ce477b5672e31b3cc23ede"


Yep, that worked. The fb voting link is in between those quote marks. Just omit the quote marks when cutting and pasting.

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I've been watching the leader board and there is a cause (not us) in a catagory that just fell from 8 to 12 in one day! This is proof that we cannot let up and we muct keep pushing. We have to make sure something like that doesn't happen to us. I've been promoting it all over facebook. If you find a free moment, please post our cause somewhere. Every vote makes a difference!

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