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Oh, dear...Poor Dr. Latimer

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-_- Absolutely gut wrenching. I remember Dr Latimer speaking of her sons when we went to see her. A mother's love is truely undeniable.....we all know that. With all the heartache that we have endured with our PANDAS kids, it pails in comparison to the loss Dr. Latimer has suffered. Please pray for her and her family.......and go give your kids a big hug and kiss, and, be thankful for them, PANDAS and all.




This was in her son's obituary.........I am speechless.




"Interment will be at Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, VA on Friday, June 25 at 11 a.m. In lieu of flowers, contributions can be made in his name to OU Pandas Foundation, P.O. Box 26901, Library - 162, Oklahoma City, OK 7312. Please view and sign the family guestbook at: www.pumphreyfuneralhome.com"

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my deepest condolences to Dr Latimer and family.

I cannot even begin to imagine how devastated she is.

How deeply touching tho that she would honor his memory by aiding PANDAS research




(ps this was posted here the day it occurred, but it was removed at the request of her office. I imagine they must have been fielding so many calls of sympathy that it became too much to deal with)

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Thanks for the update I had no idea we do not see her until July how very, very sad.



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