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Methylation diagnostic impact on supplements

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Hi Nancy,


I think you meant pyroluria? the high histamines does mean undermethylated--so we have another undermethylated child with tics.


I am beginning to question the folate/B12 contraindication Pfeiffer gives for undermethylation--since they are prescribing it to everyone who is undermethylated.


I find gluten free much easier than casein free! Lots of grain substitutes (with parental effort) but nothing replaces cheese. So we keep the cheese, for better or worse.


Please keep us posted on your progress. There is another Nancy doing Pfeiffer, but I think she changed her alias to NancyE to avoid confusion.



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An interesting find:


I spoke the other day of finding a naturopath who follows Pfieffer principles, well, she copies some pages from a book called Natural Healing of Schizophrenia and other common mental disorders by Eva Edelman as I mentioned to her that I though my son may be undermethylated, as per his symptoms.


Anyway, I just today go to read the few pages, and in the first paragraph is says:


Histedlia can create a tendency to compusions, phobias, obsessions addictions and chronic depression.  Histadelics are commonly diagnosed as schizoaffective or OCD.  Histadelia can be a factor in depressions, addiction, OCD and, perhaps, Tourette's Syndrome.


That is the first time I have seen it in writing of the connection, other than in Walsh's info on this web site. The foot note says in regards to this

"From interview with W Walsh November 2000"


Intersting then that his form of treatment for high histamine/undermethylation doesn't help with the tics. I guess once some of you have been following his protocol for a few months, it will be intersting to see the results.



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