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My son had a QEEG done last year along with some nuerofeedback. Now the feedback didn't show any great improvement, however the QEEG proved to be very beneficial to us for our son. I had attended a conference that a man named Dr. Greenblatt ran on biological causes of disease and illness. From here I made an appointment with him to have some labs run and had him look at my sons medical file which included the QEEG. We had an amino acid, oat, hair test done. The things that show up were that all of his amino acids were very low and it a casein allegry from peptides in his urine. So casein in dairy is a problem. He also sent his QEEG away that showed he definatley has ADHD (this is the most definative proof of adhd out there) and would benefit from stimulant medication. It also showed that antidepressants would not likely work for his mood issue, but a mood stabilzer would. Now we are committed to trying not to use meds. So we are trying as of today suppliments that he suggested.


P-5-P Plus Pyridoxal 5' - Phosphate with magnesium vitamin B6 matabolite

Amino Acid Base

Similase GFCF (digestive enzymes) to help break down casien


We are switching to soy, rice milk and I was told to pick up some Whey protein from a pure cource. Not at gnc since they use casein as a filler in a lot of their stuff.


So we are trying this first for a few weeks and if no improvement in mood etc we will then think about starting him on 2.5 mg of ritalin twice a day so a total of 5 mg a day and see if that helps. His anxiety and irritability (explosive anger) is most troublesome to him and us and if it helps I will do it. I want him to feel better. So Im so glad we got the QEEG done.


The Dr. said that a casien allergy can cause anxiety and ocd as it affects the CNS so I am hopeful that these natural suppliments work.

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I see it's been a while since your post. How is your son doing since being on the supplements? I'm curious. My son went to his first session with neurofeedback last week and again next week. We have begun with the supplements but of course it's a wait and see.




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Here's an update. On casien free for over a month now. I've seen some improvement with my son willing to comply with me more than usual. No major explosions in behavior with the exception of yesterday :wacko: I believe that it may have been due to him eating pizza the day before at a pool party. He also snuck ice cream at my mothers house today. He paid for it with diarerra and was dizzy not feeling well out of sorts with a lot of anxiety tonight. So all in all no miracle but improvement. I was hoping that his anxiety ocd and explosiveness would go away. So far the only good thing is there really hasn't been any crazy explosions with the exception of yesterday which I think I know why. I really wanted his anxiety to go away it seemed like it was stronger in a way since coming off the casein. We met with the doctor who suggested we continue on amino acid suppliments we had stopped pretty much in the begining due to his casein withdrawal. It was a nightmare. So now back on all the suppliments and added inositol per dctr. I have decided I think to go full force with this diet and go GFCF not just CF. I want to see if he's got a problem with wheat, barley, rye. I believe that I do, I get hives from drinking beer. I think why not? It's the summer I have to exaust all of my options before going to meds with a clear conscience. I'm looking for resources on if by a miracle there is a store that is all GFCF so it takes the guess work out for me. I am not a good cook, so it's scary/overwhelming to come up with a list. I become devastated when my hope falls to the ground when we have weekends like this weekend. I'm exuasted. The worry about what his life as an adult will be drives me. So I guess the fear of him becoming an alcoholic like my brother because they share such similar behavioral symptoms makes me continue. I feel like it's all routed in autoimmune maybe celiac?? Our doctor won't give "labels". But it wouldn't do me any good anyway. It all seems to start in the gut, If I can fix it then I know the answer. I have also checked in to the SDC diet. Select Carbohydrates diet which is a few steps beyond GFCF, still learning about that one, it's good for people with celiac, chrons, Irritable bowl and anyone with GI problems. So there's my update. Still treking along. Does anyone know of a store in massachusetts that is GFCF?? Or support groups that meet??

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Besides drugs and behavior management from a CBT type of angle, neuro-feedback is also very successful. When the client has the ability to see the brain wave forms in real time and manipulate them with thought modifications, the client is empowered far beyond simple CBT. CBT is a valuable part of the whole drug free or minimal drug solution but the addition of qEEG waveform guidance is a big help.

The fact than mTBI can be a cause of a ADHD diagnosis does not mean the ADHD has the same physiological basis as a non-mTBI ADHD. Treating mTBI caused ADHD with stimulants will likely be a rough road. The injured brain simply does not respond well to stimulation. The most common cause for a relapse of mTBI/concussion symptoms is over-stimulation, such as auditory over-stimulation, visual over-stimulation, cognitive over-stimulation.

By differentiating mTBI/concussion as the cause from non-injury causes, the client can properly combine the needs of both conditions, ADHD and PCS (Post Concussion Syndrome) The NIMH notes the big overlap of symptoms between mTBI/concussion and ADHD. They have tried to state that a very small number of ADHD patients have suffered an mTBI. This is based on a very high threshold of head impact and immediate symptoms before a head impact is considered an mTBI. The damaging effects of sub-concussive impacts is well known by some physicians and researchers but the scientific evidence is still being collected.

Personally, I can become very ADHD when over-stimulation triggers my adrenal system to malfunction. But, by focusing on reducing the triggers of PCS symptoms, my ADHD like events are kept to a minimum.

The classic PCS student who refuses to moderate their cognitive over-stimulation are extremely prone to the roller coaster ride of PCS symptoms taking them out of the study environment just to recover to a functional level.

Regarding aspartame, I should have posted the research link I read just yesterday. I will try to find it. My history folder has too many links to find it.

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