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Dear Carolyn and baby Aiden,



just thinking of you guys and wanted to wish Aiden a very happy, healthy and blessed first birthday. Don't know if you're around much, but hope you are doing well and hope you can post some pics and an update soon!......


love and hugs,



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Thanks, Faith & CP for the 1st birthday wishes. Nope, I don't get on much. I'm staying home the summer, but it's been filled with lots of packing for the move so far. Aiden's doing great. He started walking just a few days before he was 11 months old. He's gained 1 1/2 pounds since I've been home for the summer. My hope is that he'll catch up with his peers growth wise this summer since I'll be home 24-7, but I hope he doesn't take a big plunge again in weight when I go back to work in August.


We went to Disney World for his first birthday. He had a great time even though he didn't like the characters at all. Disney was really great with the gluten/dairy free diet. I also had a b-day party for Aiden before we went to Disney World with mostly family. So that was fun also.


I'm doing really well too. My tics have remained very mild. I'm currently not taking any vitamins, but I need to get myself back into the habit of taking them. I haven't started allergy treatment back up because I haven't felt the need to since my tics are so mild now, and if I do start allergy treatment again it will be years down the road because I'm still nursing Aiden and in about a year from now I'm going to start trying for my second baby.


Hope you enjoy the pictures.

























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Hi Carolyn!


I was happy to see you found time to post on the forum. I know how really busy you are.


You've done such an amazing job over the years, first getting yourself healthy, then preparing for Aiden's birth, and now raising him to be so happy and strong. What a fabulous smile he has.


You've faced a lot of challenges and have shown amazing resolve and resiliency. I'll never forget meeting you several years ago in Boca Raton when you came to FL for your first appointment with Dr Robbins. No one could believe you made your own determined decision and flew half way across the country like that by yourself for help. Then you did everything you were advised to do and more--you were the ideal patient. And it all paid off!


I hope you will please keep sharing with everyone on the forum when you can. And you know you will always have lots of friends here who care about you.


Hugs to you, and a happy birthday hug to Aiden! Sheila

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