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Great Results with Allergy Treatment System

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Hello. I saw someone post about a Dr. Chung possibly in NJ. If the doctor IS in NJ, can someone tell me where? I have an 8 year old who has just started tic'ing and I'm not sure what path to follow first. I am so confused but want to help her before it gets worse. Can anyone give me advice on where/how to start helping her? Thank you. :)



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I initially had trouble getting to that site as the link led to an error page.

Now, those links took me to a site that is one of those that I avoid


whenever people try to show total negativity about anything that is not "scientifically proven" "FDA approved" or "accepted by conventional medicine" I head away as fast as possible

if I had followed that line of thought, my son would likely be a drugged up zombie in an institution


thank God for the wealth of anecdotal, and growing research, evidence that gives clear opposite PROOF of alternative healing that sites like that deny because they are prejudiced and biased


sorry but I actually got angry reading some of what they had up there...much like I do when I go to that arrogant quackwatch place


showing caution on all forms of treatment is wise, but negating simply because it is not "scientific" is ignorance of the worst kind IMHO


I also do not see anything there to suggest that using this system for allergy is illegal? only that it is FDA approved for biofeedback....perhaps I missed the illegal bit but that is not what I see there

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Hi there,


All I can say is the results I have seen have absolutely been amazing. Not only that but, for example, I spoke with a woman in Dr. Foster's office who had to wear a mask for years because she was so sensitive to perfumes, fabic softners, and just anything that was just chemically smelly. She would get very ill from it. She literally carries her mask in her purse to prove to people how well the treatments have worked for her.


Another person I know, through my son's orthodontics office, started taking her son who is 2 because of SEVERE eczema. She literally cannot believe the difference in him. She said people who have know about his severe eczema are asking her what have you done to make such a difference.


My mom has had IBS for years. On her very last treatment, that was for molds and fungus, for the first time in 17 years she did not have issues the very next day. Now in her situation it started coming back some but the fact is it made a sizeable change in her bodies behavior.


Another one of my friends was very allergic to cats. Now she can literally have her face by a cat and not react.


Another lady I know was literally in tears about 2 months ago because her children's allergies has gotten so bad. One of my friends told her about Dr. Foster and she went out of sheer desperation. She literally told me two weeks ago it is an absolute miracle. She cannot believe the difference in her children. It literally has changed their lives.


I met a Chiropractor, who lives in Denver, in Dr. Foster's office who was bring her daughter to him because she had heard what good results Dr. Foster was having. I also met another family who traveled from Texas to bring in their 3 children. I know when I have been in the office I have been told people have been flying/driving in from many different places. I feel very blessed to live so close by to his office.


I am telling you that these cannot be a coincidence. Between my experinence and the experience of others I know there is something to it. Does it work for everyone, I don't know. Perhaps there is a population of some people who would not respond. But in my families situation and these others it has made a difference.


I will tell you there is another woman who took her daugther to Dr. Foster for, I think 6 treatments, and did not see a sizeable change at all. But she did not finish the treatments so it is hard to say off of that situation. She did start using Bonnie Grimaldi's vitamins and really started noticing improvement.


I am sure a lot of the success of the treatment depends on how the treatment is administered and if it is done correctly. Dr. Foster has really studied how to make this the most successful treatment possible with the BAX 3000. As a matter of fact, the company has apparently asked him to help educate other doctors on how he does it because he has had such a good success rate.


Anyhow, I don't mean to go on and on but I can only tell you I literally am so blown away by this treatment. Does Daniel still have tics, yes he does. He just turned 10 and he is at the PEAK age of tics. I feared this age so much because I knew it could really get bad for him. But I cannot say how well he is doing compared to when he was 5 and we started trying to figure out what to do for him.


But now what I see for him is the food induced part of the tics seem to be GREATLY reduced. His tics still come on though when he gets really upset or really excited. I don't think that part of his tics will ever be able to be "treated" per say but using the right set of supplements (magnesium taurate, B6, glycine, etc) really helps.



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Hi - update. I've completed my BAX 3000 treatment and it unfortunately did not work for me. :( But glad i tried rather than wondering if it might work for me or not. My skin allergy which was getting bad again did get better though...



Hi everyone -

Just wanted to let you know that I have started this too from last week. I live in NYC. The chiropracter who does this BAX treatment charges $60 per session. Right near Grand Central Station. He's only been doing this for 2 years, though he's been checking up (had interest in and looking into) NAET for 12 years. He was hesitant re NAET because he felt the muscle testing was subjective plus had a lot to do with how the physician was feeling that day too. (!!!)


I will give it a shot and let you know after the treatments. He outline a protocol for me and i will have to make 13 visits including the initial visit I made last week. Muscle testing with NAET was wacky but this laser pointed at my hand, then leg, and down my spine was wackier. But I am very open-minded about this (even though I call them wacky) so we shall see how it goes..As they say in Japan, the ones who believe in it will be saved. I hope that's the case.


I will report to you after all 13 sessions. (by the way, 10% discount given for the remaining 12 sessions.)


Fingers crossed! (BY the way, i take meds too - Lexapro, Clonodine, Abilify :wacko: and supplements) This treatment will be in addition to all this. FYI.



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