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Head Tics/Twitches/Headeaches

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Hello. For the last several years, I have had a twitch/tic, that has gotten steadily worse over time. It is very obvious to anyone around me, but no one says anything. My head violently jerks, usually to the left side. I cannot fully turn my head to the right with it violently jerking back to the left. Along with this, I am unable to sit still at all. I am constantly moving/fidgeting. I try to suppress the twitch/tic, but the longer I do, the more it seems to build up, and it feels as if an explosion is about to take places in my head. I also suffer from extreme headaches. Sometimes, it feels as like there is a rubber band being squeezed around my head. I also get severe burning sensations in my head as well. This has lead to my inability to work, attend school, or frequently leave my home. This has also caused a depression, that I don’t share with anyone. I’m not sure what to do, or who to talk to. I went to my doctor, he looked at me weird, and just brushed it off with a headache prescription. Can someone please help?

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Hi Adrian and welcome


first off I would say find another doctor :) as it astounds me that he would not have paid attention to the tics, which are likely the cause of the headaches!


it is really hard to know why you have these jerking/tic symptoms, but it doesnt sound like Tourette tics to me. So many things can trigger tics, from TS to allergies to misalignment of in the TMJ region of the jaw etc etc etc to mention but a few


you really do need a doctor who is more careful in trying to find out what is causing this. Maybe consider a DO or an Integrative Doctor as they tend to be more open minded and thorough IMO


I do know that the kind of head/neck "tics" you describe can put your spine, especially the cervical region, out and that in itself can lead to headaches and other strange sensations, especially if your atlas vertebra is off balance. A NUCCA chiropracter may be able to help with that as they are highly specialized and do very careful adjustment, very different from regular chiro http://www.nucca.org


hope that helps a bit

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And I might consider seeing a dentist, too if I were you. I've been getting my old fillings removed this week and was amazed to learn what bad silver fillings can do to you. I am suffering from the "band around my head" squeezing me like a vice sensation too.


You may have an abscess, a cracked filling, or have old worn fillings that are leaking toxic metal vapors in your mouth. It will make you tired and can cause depression. My old fillings are 'hot' to the touch while my new fillings are the same temperature as my natural teeth. I have a metallic taste in my mouth and my sense of taste is off. I salivate more than what is considered 'average' and my tongue is swollen much of the time. I am sensitive to hot and cold food and beverages too. By Thursday they will all be gone and then I will be able to tell you whether the hangover headband headache is gone too. (BTW, that is a classic symptom according to a couple of books I am reading on the subject.) My father's good friend had all his silver amalgams removed 10 years ago by the same dentist and he said that his chronic back pain stopped immediately after they were removed. I had 12. I now have 6 left. I will be happy if removing them would stop the headaches. Although they aren't really headaches in the sense that my head actively hurts. It is a constant squeezing pressure on my head. Pain killers don't alleviate it either. Some times my neck is sore too, and I take magnesium for that. It seems to help a little. I've needed dental work for a while and have put it off too long. It seems like the symptoms crept up on me and really got bad when I cracked my filling last winter. If you decide you need to have your teeth checked out do make sure you make an appointment with a dentist that specializes in safe mercury removal practices. My dentist takes them out in big chunks and has a special high powered vacuum system. He also wears a gas mask. There is only a couple dentists in my area that do this and I live in a big city.


I agree with Cheri that a chiropractor is important with violent neck ticcing. I do not have any ticcing myself. My son did have neck ticcing several years ago and the chiropractor really helped him get realigned after an injury (he slid into a cabinet while playing Spiderman). In our case my son's ticcing did not stop until we made dietary changes too. His symptoms were multifocal and he had a touch of OCD too. He does not have any fillings in his mouth, btw.

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