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THE new Pepsi Thread

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Thanks for the laugh! Y'know, that money is not even really going towards anything that will save lemurs- they want to modify part of their zoo-they're exploiting the poor lemurs! Unless of course they get to live like that little fella in the picture!

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This "contest" is about all of us and all our kids. Give us feedback on this, tell us if it makes sense, if you have a suggestion pass it on. I'm going to try to scout 50K catagories today for soemone who just wants to make the 100 for roll over.


The last couple of days, when I used the search option...some of the groups came up on the search didn't have their voting button. Then when I went to view the current leaders, I kept loading more, and it stopped at # 100...so are the groups that didn't make it into the top 100 now out of the race?

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UPDATE!!! (For Tuesday, the 18th)


Tocoma Swim Clucb has become an ally of ours....we have agreed to vote for no one above each other in each category. So, vote for Tacoma Swim Club in the 25K category!! Please! Leave a comment for them if you can.


They will be voting for us, too, and no other above us!



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Tacoma isn't truly an exclusive ally. we will just not vote for anyone ahead of them in 25K. Kelly is working hard getting allies. A lot are formed already, esp if they were roll overs from April. So, for today, we are kind of "winging it" and feeling out who really is working for our votes. Hopefully, if they are voting, they are commenting and being truthful.

With that being said, based on morning comments, this is a slightly revised list of voting suggestions. The main people are mostly the same since they have been consistent. The secondary are people trying to find an "in".




Always vote for PANDAS first so you don't accidentally run out of votes.


Top supporters (pick 4 or 5)


Tacoma Swim Club (new ally-show them some love!)

Skip Program

Jett Foundation


Sophies Cure(250K)

Ride 192 K


Sky U


Secondary list of supporters...

Phi Theta kappa (calimed they will send 300 votes today)


Ride my Bike for ms

camp out against cancer

Ashlea Denton No kill kennell

Nanty glo (they are nervous becasue they slipped)

free to be

Bethany Berg (they are nervous becasue they slipped)

Fisher Middle

hearing speech language in Denver

Backpack program






This "contest" is about all of us and all our kids. Give us feedback on this, tell us if it makes sense, if you have a suggestion pass it on.

I do have a suggestion or rather concern regarding exclusive allies. It seems to me that the more allies the better.

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Confused again here!!


Tacoma Swim Club has comments posted ALL OVER WMS's page? Yes, they are in the same category. So, we are not to vote for WMS, but they are? Are they confused or phony?



On our supporter list, this new ally only knocks out WMS and Stop SMA. Sophia's Cure (which is also SMA based) is still okay to vote for. They are in 250K catagory.
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Yes, do not vote above Tacoma....that is our deal, they will do the same for us. It takes a bit to get everyone on board and get the word out....hang tight!


KEEP SKIP PROGRAM a priority!! They just contacted me and want a stronger alliance!




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Laughing at myself...thought you guys might need a chuckle...

So...you know you're "hardcore" (some of my friends might call me "shameless") when you even manage to convince the air conditioner salesman you just paid to vote for PANDAS...and when you have him so convinced he offers to put it up on his Facebook page BEFORE you have a chance to tell him there's actually an app!! ha ha ha


yeah, I'm THAT mom. :-)

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