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Believe it or not, this is the first time I've really had a chance to read this and the responses. I would like to see the money somehow used to further research as what is said in our "budget" on the application. Like others, I would like it to be used specifically on/for PANDAS kids. Now I am just brainstorming here. Could we designate any money to be dog eared as a "discount" for families who cannot afford a test? Maybe with an income of $50K or less? The problem with this is establishing who would get the discount. Like a child who fits a designated definition of PANDAS and a family that can show their income. But that is asking the office to do more work.


So....and I'm thinking while typing...maybe no discount or free tests should be given. Oh, that's hard for me since I know what it's like to need something medical and not be able to afford it. But, the Pepsi Refresh Grant was for research and making progress in what we know about the disorder and that is what it should go to.


Hopefully, if we win, more funds will somehow find their way to Dr Cunningham and the Pepsi Grant will just be the beginning. One can hope!



Dr. Cunningham's (our nominee) response to how the Pepsi Refresh grant money could be used:


"We would use the funds to continue to test

patients and try to make sense of the data so

that there will be less confusion about the disease that affects

children with OCD and unwanted movements.


Getting a test FDA approved is a possibility but this takes

some time and is relatively involved.


We also are trying to understand the mechanisms of signaling in the brain

and correlate the antibodies with the different types of symptoms; so there are lots of experiments

we could do with extra money, BUT,


If you as parents wanted us to use all or some of the money for

children who cannot afford the tests, this also seems a good use of the grant.


Experts in Lyme disease also want us to test children with Lyme

disease for these anti-neuronal antibodies and signaling in the brain."

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It's the last day of June and we slipped to #6!!!! :unsure:


Like Peg said, it's time to give this competetion a streroid burst!


Please give today everything you have & more. I have seen causes drop 4 or 5 spots in a day. We can't afford to do that now! We have 17 hours to win this thing and we can do it! Everyone needs to post our link somewhere to day to get that final surge of voters!


Vote! Vote!! Vote!!!



Updated 6/30


LATITUDES morning and afternoon



2.Sophias Cure




6.tunes for troops

7.Woolly Pocket

8. What I Can Do Makes a Difference

9. gktw

10.project paul


www.refresheverything.com Paste into search box...


PANDAS / JETT / "Sophia Cure" / "rryr" / "skip" / "project paul" / "quality assist" / "woolly pocket" / "give kids the world" / "tunes for troops"



LATITUDES evening through night




3.Sophias Cure



6. WMS

7. Narcolepsy

8. harrison, ar

9. tunes for troops

10. Give Kids the World


www.refresheverything.com Paste into search box...

PANDAS / JETT / "Sophia Cure" / "rryr" / "skip" / "give kids the world" / "sierra academy" / "harrison, ar"/ "narcolepsy research" / "tunes for troops"

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