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Oh...this is the part I don't like since some causes are very good causes. The ones you mentioned I have not seen support from and I did try to contact one directly with no response. Our votes are being spread very thin as is. So, currently I do not have a spot for them to vote today. Missing Patient is secure for roll over again. Erika Kate is not. I don't know if they would want to do it another month. Perhaps, I can look at our casues and see which "casual ones" are not returning support. Some I HAVE to keep on the list. We really owe them. So, I will see if we can direct some votes to Erika Kate to help. For now, I don't want to seem bossy but the lists I put up reflect those who are supporting us, pushing for us, voting for us. So, I would politely ask to follow the list. The list to follow is the last post on this thread. Then there is a June thread in the body of the forum. They are the same list, just in different spots.


I look at my list, comments, email, etc throughout the day. I will try to see what we can do.



I'm currently out there voting. Erika Kate and Missing Patient are in the 50k category. Should we be voting for these?

:unsure: :unsure:



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If anyone is having trouble with their computers freezing up on them when trying to vote......try voting at night. I had LOTS of trouble with my computer freezing up when I would try to vote at ANY time of the day....morning to evening. When I started to vote at night....around 10 or 11 pm (EST)........all my votes went through like a breeze!



Keep voting and try this if you are having trouble!!


Also, try switching your internet browser to Mozilla Firefox......people are reporting great success with that!!

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