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I know this may seem bizarre to some, but even though Warrior's Wish has secured a spot in the top 10, please continue to support them. Due to my conversation with them, I believe they would have secured a spot w/o us. They will continue to vote for us in May and gave their word as veterans. I did the same (except for the veteran part). PANDAS has not gone against their word AT ALL. We can't start now. Instead, be proud we are helping veterans on Memorial Day weekend. We are saluting them and thanking them for their service with votes.


Look for June listing at some point tomorrow. Please keep voting today and tomorrow. Send the message that PANDAS does not give up!


that is amazing that they went from 15 (is that were they were?) to 9 in a few days. Unless all the top 10-15 were already really close in the # of votes?

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Last day in May! We're ranked 21. Lemurs are ranked 20. We love animals, but I am ready to show that our kids' mental and physical health are more important!Try to get your voting done early today. The site may slow down later in the evening w/ applications being finalized for midnight submission. Check back here befor...e you vote June 1. Some things are changing for June. Thank you!

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THANK YOU to all who dedicated so much of themselves to this project....just voting takes alot of thought, time, and committment! We did so VERY well our first month.....we learned much, which will give us an advantage in June.


Just for everyone's info., I, Kelly, will be stepping down for June. Due to the sheer mental, physical, and emotional exhaustion this project took out of me (although well worth it), and, the time it took away from my family, I have opted (after much internal struggle) to hand this project over. My time availability has also dropped dramatically, and, will continue to be very limited through July...this is another reason for my decision...it would not be fair to this project.


Vickie has decided to stick with this....God Bless her because it takes so much work to lead this project.....more than most realize.


I will still hold an administrator position on the Pepsi FaceBook page, and will pop in here and there when I can to offer support, share experience, and give/get advice. (I, of course, will also be casting many votes!) :P


Again, thank you all so VERY much for your support, and, for believing in this project. :wub:


Like I said before......"IT AIN'T OVER YET!"

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Thank you both Kelly and Vickie!!!


"It is from numberless diverse acts of courage and belief that human history is thus shaped. Each time a man stands up for an ideal, or acts to improve the lot of others, or strikes out against injustice, he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope, and crossing each other from a million different centers of energy and daring, those ripples build a current which can sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance." Robert F. Kennedy

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My thanks to Vicki & Kelly as well. An amazing first month. Kelly, I am sure we all understand your decision - i certainly do!!! I can't believe how much time this actually requires and what amazing dedication you both - and all the voters - have given to this. I'll continue to vote & gather proxies. Hoping for a wonderful June!!!

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New rule in the FAQ for Pepsi Refresh! Did anyone notice this?


Is proxy voting allowed?


Proxy voting is not allowed. We understand this may not have been clear within the original Application Guidelines, though always against the spirit and integrity of the program. As of June 1st, any idea that uses proxy voting which includes but is not limited to creating multiple and/or dummy emails may be disqualified.

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Yes, I got off the phone with Pepsi and I'm sorting this out. They said we cannot vote on behalf of people(even with given consent and even if it is one person per email). Every single person must cast their own vote. I expalined how I know for a fact this will not be honored by some entries. However, and I hope everyone backs me on this. I am stopping voting on behalf of others. WHEN WE WIN, we will do it with our heads held high!I am issuing a 10 count must vote list in a few minutes.

Edited by Vickie
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