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I found IVIG Heaven...

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I can't remember exact dose but us was Dr k"s, I think

it is posted on his website.


Brand was Gamunex






I wanted to let everyone know that I found an amazing company that did my son's second IVIG. They are called Coram Healthcare.


They have 75 locations across the US. They are infusion centers.


Here is the link:




phone number: 800-423-1411


Just to give you an idea on cost: When I went to Denver to the Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders to get my son's first IVIG, it was $42,000 on paper (what they billed Blue Shield of Calif.) I had a $3,600 deductible which was already met so they paid $31,000 of that submitted bill and the doctor took that as payment in full.


Now, for my son's second IVIG (he is 130 pounds, 12 years old). The cost was $8,000 at Coram. I was fortuante to have a pediatrician that understands PANDAS (his son has it) and was willing to write up the orders and referred me to Coram Infusion services. My ped. used Dr. Kovacevic's protocol.



I can't believe it was 80% less! Just wanted to share this with all of you... This could mean the difference between someone getting IVIG or not getting it, in this economy especially...


I hope this helps these poor suffering kids and families...




Now the qestions...


What dosage 2 gr per? What is the type of IVIG? Name?/




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judy, hi, how is everything with your boy? is he doing much better I hope? you did post last that things were a little bumpy, did you wind up doing another IVIG?




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