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Children's cold, allergy medicine recalled

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Does anyone know if this would include the generics? I buy Target's brand of children's die-free ibuprofen by the truckload :-). Don't they usually get the generics from the "brand" company? I wonder if I need to toss it? And same with the generic benedryl...




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To answer your question...




Will you be offering a refund for the product I purchased and has been recalled?



McNeil is offering two options for consumers who have purchased products affected by this recall. You can receive either a refund for the average retail price of the product or a coupon for a free replacement (s) when the product becomes available again. You can do this by selecting one of the three ways to contact us on the right side of our www.mcneilproductrecall.com home page. To process your refund or coupon you will need the NDC number and Lot number from the product that has been recalled. The NDC number can be found above the brand name on the label of the bottle. The Lot number can also be found on the label and is usually placed vertically on the label.


I had two bottles. I usually buy generic but I had a coupon the last time and bought name brand.






Any idea if Johnson & Johnson refunds you for these items?

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vickie - thanks for posting. i wouldn't have known and i do have an affected bottle. what's everyone planning on using instead? they're saying generic is okay, right?


my bottle's over 1/2 gone. he had an uptick last week and i gave it a few days before school. he had runny nose/stuffy nose the week before. maybe spring cold? late allergy? - everyone was posting about allergies earlier and i thought we'd escaped it but maybe it's a different allergy. he didn't seem to have any problems with the motrin and they say danger is 'remote' but i still hate hearing this! late last week and weekend have been good so i wasn't planning on using it tomorrow.

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One of my bottles was 3/4 used! I don't think the generics are affected. They're not listed. Target does make a generic, dye free Ibuprofen. I'm going there tomorrow. I get nervous not having anything on hand. Yes, allergies can cause an uptick. My son right now has allergies (severity of allergy symptoms seem to be varying) and a possible cold. Luckily, no PANDAS symptoms right now.

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