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If the site gave you any trouble with the "code" when setting up an account, people have done the audio capture to get access. I believe it only does this step when setting up an account. You will not have to do that step every time.




And, we have been busy trying to notify anyone we can think of to inform them of the voting and beg the to help. We need everyone to spread the word.


Here are some ideas we had...


Go to you newspaper’s website. They usually have a local section anyone can write on.

Email everyone you know the link

Put the link as your signature in your email and on any forum you’re in

There’s a widget in the Pepsi page to add to website, blogs, etc

Post the link on other forums

Print out our new “logo” w/ voting link and hang in public places

Download that same logo and print it on a t-shirt (can do through walmart.com-see below) This would be great for the Autism One Conference.

Put our logo w/ the voting link as your computer wallpaper at work

Contact your local newspaper

Contact your local news

Inform your doctor's office


We do have a logo with the tag line and voting link. I will try to see if there's a way I can post it.

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Did everyone vote yet today?




Vote every day in May!




I've thought about that peglem. We did get permission to post updates on the PANDAS forum. Perhaps if we post it on the others as a one time request. I don't want to tie up other people's forums but I do see them as our "cousins" on this website.


As for our current ranking, I am hoping once Monday comes along and people get back to work and check their emails, we will get an influx of votes later in the week. I contacted a lot of professionals and I know they won't even get the message until tomorrow. They also may have to get special permission to pass it along via company email. Same for the orgs I contacted.

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