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One week to fewer tics...(?!)

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I am a newcomer as of yesterday. I wanted to ask about the T.V. problem. My son watches T.V. for an hour every afternoon and does not tic at all watching. Is it that it is worse after watching??? I was a little confused.


I am still very overwhelmed by all this. How do you get tested for yeast. Will an allergergist do this testing. We have only had allergy testing done by an allergist (scratch test) and my son was allergic to corn. We have eliminated corn, milk and wheat now for four months. His disposition is much better and his stools are finally normal, but the tics are still there? Do think we need to have the blood test for allergies done as well? I know we definitely suffer from allergies. He has had a tic since he was seven months old. I posted my story yesterday. We really need some help! Thanks>

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Welcome ntbowen,


The TV/computer trigger --if it applies to your child--unfortunately is not always seen during or after viewing. Rather it is cumulative and lingers for days. This is why so many people don't even realize it is a trigger.


The easiest way to know is to go a week with no screens at all, as for some reason this is what it takes to clear the system. After that you can experiment with an LCD monitor, a well-lit room, a smaller screen to see what your child can tolerate. Presumably, you could just switch to an LCD screen right away, but depending on your child's sensitivity level (if any), you might not see improvement and it would take longer.


How old is your child? This is much easier to do for a week for an elementary or younger child than for a pre-teen/teen. Unless the tics are severe enough that they are motivated to try restrictions.


Great that you are seeing results fromt the corn/gluten/milk free diet in terms of stools--shows better nutrient absorption. It may well be that your child also has a reaction to phenols/amines/salicylates (e.g. certain fruits and other related items)/other foods/artificial ingredients. Some combination of an elimination diet and/or IgG test will likely be helpful.


The test I took 6 months ago that I recommend is www.elisaact.com Depending on how much you want to spend, they not only test for foods, but for artificial ingredients. We are starting to experiment with enzymes to minimize food restrictions, but are very early in the process.


On the other hand, most here just eliminate artificial ingredients altogether anyway.




ps I don't know where your story from yesterday is. If you register (confidentiality is still preserved), we can click on your name and check out your child's history. Otherwise it is difficult to find the thread that you posted your story on. Another alternative is to start a new thread.

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Hi ntbowen and glad you made it over here.


I responded to your introductory post yesterday at BrainTalk, and I am so glad you decided to follow the link I left for you to get here to Latitudes.


You will find a lot of very useful info here, and caring people willing to share.



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