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This morning’s post from Pepsi Refresh Project P.A.N.D.A.S. on Facebook...



Good morning everyone! I just got off the phone with the Pepsi Refresh Everything support line. They informed me that I will hear if our application is accepted or not at midnight, April 30! Talk about taking things down to the last second! Please check this site on the morning of May 1. Thank you to all!!!



We have to assume we have been approved so we are ready to promote and vote on May 1. We have been brainstorming ideas of how to get the word out and we post that on May 1 as well. Currently, we have 535 fan on our face book page! We can do this!


If you haven’t joined the Facebook page yet, please consider do so at ...




You do not need a Facebook account to vote, but the Facebook page is our main form of communication and supplying information on PANDAS/PITAND to the public. We will update here as well.


Thank you for everyone's help and support. For those of you who have been commenting, that really helps. It shows that what we put on there is not just words. When we put faces, stories, and experiences to the struggles we mention, it makes a big impact. I have noticed that when we comment more, we get a surge of more fans. Keep those comments coming!

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Won't be long now! I have a question about how this works, though. Am I right in thinking that this is competitive? So how many applications do they accept each month- how many are we competing against and how many get a grant? Is there just one grant awarded each month? Or do they take the top 10, or what?

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I'm pretty sure this is how it works...


They accept 1,000 submissions a month and they have 100 runner up submissions from the previous month they automatically carry over for another round. So, overall, there are 1,100 submissions. These submissions are broken down into subcatagories ($5K, 25K, 50K, 250K) that the submitter chose during the application process. To be honest, I don't know exactly how many we will competing against in our catagory. We get the whole month to vote. At the end of the month, in our catagory, the top 10 submissions to get the most votes gets awarded the grant money.


Yes, it is a competition. We need votes. The more votes the better. We can vote every day.


So, because it is a competition, we will really be relying on the people on here, those on the fan page, and those who we will be branching out to for support. Some info will not be devulged until May 1. In the event we don't get approval, we can resubmit for another month and we don't want to post our stategy just yet :)

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That's the great thing...you do not need a facebook account to vote.


Also, you can view the facebook page w/o having a facebook account. You just won't be able to comment on the page. Again, the FB page is just a form of communication. Consider it our homebase.


You will be able to vote on the Pepsi page by establishing an account with them. I have one there too. I think it was only a couple questions to get the user name and password. Voting itself take only a second. I've voted for other things both through my FB account and through my Pepsi account so I knew how both processes went.


If someone really does not want to set up a Pepsi account and decides not to vote, you can still help by passing the link onto others you know. A suggestion would be through a mass email to family and friends.


Since I don't have an account with Facebook (and don't really want one...I have enough to do already), I'm not sure what this is. Can you please explain?
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