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Antibiotic Question?

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Good Morning!


My son has a doctors appointment this morning, and I have a question. He has been on Antibiotics now since Feb. 15th for strep. The latest being Keflex, this one seems to help the most. Anyway the doctor wants to give him a shot of Amox. this morning. He gives this to his Reaumatic Fever patients. It is suppose to protect him for 28 days?? Has anyone had this? What are your thoughts?


Thanks so much!



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I didn't know amox was injectable. My daughter had a bicillan injection once, the strep was back w/in 10 days. The nice thing about injections, if they work, is that you avoid the GI problems. But, ay carumba! That was a huge needle and a lot of serum injected! I couldn't do that every month.

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You might want to ask the doctor to apply some lydocaine (sp) before the shot. It will numb the injection site. We bought a tube after our first blood draws for allergies - 12 tubes - works great for blood draws. Phychiatrist gave us rx. Haven't tried it for shots, but it numbs you up pretty well, so I think it would work. Takes a little while (15-30 minutes?) to get numb.

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