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Did eliminating certain foods reduce tics?


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How are you?

I am new here and I just started feeling that there is a relation between his tic and yeast infection. Should I contact his pediatrician for a test to see if there is yeast?

Is rice ok to eat in a yeast infection ? I have heard fermented food is big no. Is that right?

Hope to hear from you soon






It isn't a direct link. Use of corticosteroids/steroids can create elevated yeast (as can frequent use of antibiotics). You can do a google search on corticosteroids + yeast and find this link mentioned in many places.


However, the link between elevated yeast and tics is more anecdotal. By their definitely the alternative doctors we see are dealing with things that are not well-studied and accepted by the mainstream medical community. But the doctors on the thread at the top of the forum regulary test for elevated yeast as a cause of neurological issues. With elevated yeast, minimally the gut isn't healthy and nutrients may not be absorbed properly. You can do a google search on yeast + tics to find this.


I started a thread here with a case study link on yeast and tics that Chemar found--it is somewhere in the archives if you go page by page. Heather had a remarkable improvement in her childs tics from yeast treatment. Phyl noticed improvement also. Heather used Threelac.


Somewhere I posted the spit test you can do at home --a free yeast test of sorts.


This is only one possibility of course. A good doctor will run a number of tests.


Good luck to you.



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At the beginning hello for all of You, because this is my first post :).


I also have a tics and I read on this forum, that some foods can be a reason of tics.


I have no idea how to start eliminate certain foods, so I have a question for those who have found foods that enhance their tics.


I would like to know where to start?, Are there any foods that cause the most tics and I should start to reducing them?.


Do any of you do the food allergy test and can recommend a good test?


I would be grateful for any information, because tablets are not helping me and looking the other methods.


Sorry, but my english is not perfect.




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