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saw an article


Health Effects Are Linked To Electromagnetic Radiation
It is indeed naïve to think that all the radiation that moves invisibly through our body on a daily basis is not harmful. Quite the contrary. If these invisible EMR waves can move easily through the concrete walls of buildings, as we know they do, they will easily pass through the soft tissue of your body. Think about it. You can make a cell phone call from the basement of a building in New York City and easily connect to someone in a building in Los Angeles, CA. That signal moves through many barriers and obstructions as it connects from one tower to the next. And as this microwave signal moves invisibly through us the ICRW that is attached to it wrecks havoc on our biochemistry. Consequently, our society is becoming sicker and sicker. In fact, numerous studies have linked long-term EMR exposure to increased risk for many, many conditions. Here are a few:

Alzheimer’s disease (15)

Autism (16)

Parkinson’s disease (17)

Heart disease (18)

Miscarriage (19)

Brain tumors (20)

Leukemia (21)

Fatigue (22)

Depression (23)

Immune system disorders (24)

Learning disabilities (25)

Memory loss (26)


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I've been reading more and more about this and it all makes sense to me. It really freaks me out and I think that is because it feels so overwhelming and out of our control. I know there are things you can do inside your house to lower exposure, but beyond that there isn't much you can do. and it isn't just people that are being affected. one theory of why we are losing our bee populations is that the radiation is throwing off their systems as well. i would imagine it affects any species that lives around people and populated areas.

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