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OCD help please

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I am a relatively normal 23 year old girl. I cannot stop thinking about a person on my campus. I go out of my way to see him. I dream about him. I 'innocently' grill ppl about him. I know at first this sounds lame but this has been a year now and i cannot stop myself. I have never spoken to this person but my life is revolving around him. I am confused and frightened i ahve looked for ocd help but all i can find is food and germ related stuff.


I am not trolling i honestly believe i have an obsession and i dont know how to go about getting help because i am told it does not fit conventional ocd


I do not stalk this person, please let me clarify but it is fast becoming a situation i cannot pull myself out of.

Any thoughts or suggestions i would appreciate. thank you

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Hi Jen~


I just wrote a post in response to the strand about unwanted sexual thoughts a few minutes ago. It's also in this section of the message board and I recommended a book that you might find helpful with your obsession with this guy on campus.


Check it out if you like.


Best wishes,



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Guest rosie cartwright

There are many forms of ocd - however, the literature seems to mention only germs, counting, arranging items, etc. I saw my Psychiatrist a few years ago and was diagnosed with ocd, I was very suprised because I do not have a problem with germs etc. He informed me that ocd can consist of thousands of problems and it is only a problem if it takes over your every day life. It sounds to me you may have ocd, but the only way is to be tested by a Psychiatrist. There is help out there for you and the sooner you are diagnosed the better for you.



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