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Tourette Syndrome, Tics & Triggers

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based on a lot of recent posts to the forum as well as emails and private messages I receive I really felt it was important to make the distinction once again between tics that are a result of Tourette Syndrome and other tic disorders.


Tics can have their origin in a number of variable conditions.

Evidence clearly shows that there are certain things that can trigger tics, and that there are treatments and dietary and other modifications that can help to minimise or eliminate these triggers and so help to reduce the tics.






Sometimes one can identify a trigger for this, BUT very often it remains a mystery.


I feel sure that there is some physiological explanation for the waxing and waning in TS, but to date there is no clearcut answer, only many plausible theories.


One can be doing all the right things in terms of diet and supplements, and be stress free and well rested, and have eliminated all toxicity and allergens and everything else that could be a potential trigger and then suddenly experience a waxing period :lol:


as I have documented before, we have even noticed a waxing phase that follows the moon's waxing......it sounds sci-fi.......but after almost 5 years of keeping a monthly chart I simply know it is a fact.

I cant explain it scientifically(although I have read many interesting articles on the theory behind the effect of the lunar cycle on neurological issues)



In our case, what we have clearly found by following the natural treatment protocol

that has eliminated toxins and allergens and other triggers, and implemented good diet and supplements.........

is that the intensity and the duration of the waxing phases IS much reduced.........

but the waxing and waning still happens,

sometimes we can identify a trigger, and sometimes it takes us by surprise.


PLEASE NOTE that I am specifically talking here about TICS CAUSED BY TOURETTE SYNDROME......





to those that are feeling disheartened because you are doing everything right and yet you are still seeing tics wax "inexplicably".........you are not doing anything wrong......it is simply the waxing and the waning that is inherant in Tourette Syndrome!


Just keep doing all you can to identify and minimise your known triggers......

and keep up your healthy diet and your supplements


it DOES help and things could be a lot worse if you were not doing all the good stuff.......


but people with TS have tics, and the tics come and go.......dont get stressed out by it, that only makes it worse.


And always be encouraged by the fact that for most people the tics do naturally diminish as they pass the teenage years.


Try to focus your life on the many talents and abilities that people with TS are blessed with and dont let your TS bring you down.


It's OK to Tic!!


with blessings and love and dollops of understanding and compassion for what you go thru


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bumping up for the person who emailed me....sorry I couldnt reply personally as you didnt include your email address, but I hope this answers the questions.


Also wanted to add the link here to Dr Duncan McKinley's website again


Life's a Twitch



and the link to the treatment protocol that we used with success for our son is here




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Guest Elizabeth

I read in your article that tics normally diminish in the teenage years. Well I think it is possible for the tics to worsen as a person gets older. As mine did. Now that I am an adult my tics are worse than they were when i was younger. When not on my medication sometimes it is even hard to drive a car due to the fact my head is twitching so much. I also stutter do to my ts. It got worse in my teenage years. Is this a rare thing or does this happen offten.

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my son is a teenager who just started to have tics about a year ago his Dr. thinks that it is because he was taking Ritalin. hw has stopped taking stimulants.And well the tics are still here but appear worse when he is stressed or at school he has people at school asking him what he is doing. He jerks his shoulders or just flinches. I am in desperate need to find out how to help him. Do you have any suggestions? His DR. also thinks they will diminsh in time.



email www.redheadedpissant @aol.com



thank you

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adhd and tic syndromes can be comorbid. I encourage you to look at the threads here, or go to an alternative doctor at the top thread on this forum. They can try to treat both without drugs.


In particular, please read the artificial ingredients thread about a boy with both adhd and tics, that went into remission with the removal of artificial ingredients. For many it is more complicated that this. For us, removal of 'screens' (TV computer, gameboy for a week showed us that this was a tic trigger. For others there are certain foods.


In the end, triggers aside, I personally think that a longer term treatment is a common approach--if you will read our reference threads and success stories, you will get the idea...eg. mercury and yeast overgrowth often need to be addressed.



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