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Recs for a magnesium supplement that won't cause loose stools?

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I found this post in the ADHD forum? and felt pretty sure you meant it for here as this is the forum you have posted on before :(


The Natural Calm is magnesium citrate which does have a laxative effect


any to her magnesium is good...just avoid mag oxide as it is a waste of money because of being so poorly absorbed


Mag malate or glycinate are good options and if your child tolerates taurine, then mag taurate is very good too

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Have you thought about lowering the dosage? My ds has never had a problem with magnesium and loose stools but too much Vitamin C can bug him. What about her diet? Is she eating foods that can help contain loose bowels like rice, applesauce, and bananas? What about trying activated charcoal 2 hours after she takes the mag? Research activated charcoal for diarrhea and see how you feel about it.



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Hi Chemar,

Thanks, yes I meant it for the TS forum. My son is 3 1/2 years old and he has facial tics that wax and wane. My brother has Tourettes Syndrome so I know there is a greater chance that he has TS. I need a powdered magnesium, would magnesium glycinate be just as good as the magnesium taurate or is magnesium taurate better for tics? I know Bonnie's supplements have the magnesium taurate.

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Chap, I would imagine that spray on magnesium would work the same way that the epsom salts does to deliver magnesium transdermally.


Schnauzer, mag taurate is supposed to be the best form for TS, because both magnesium and taurine are helpful in reducing tics, but we have had isolated reports of some kids (albeit a minority) not reacting well to taurine so that is something to be aware of. I am not aware of anyone reporting adverse effects with mag glycinate or mag malate


in fact I read an article recently suggesting magnesium malate is a good choice for those with neuro issues

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