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Twin labs stress solution?

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Hey everyone, lately ive realized that my ocd/tics while driving were freaking out because of panic attacks (my educated guess). I did some reading about panic attacks and learned that stress is a major cause of panic attacks. I came across this natural supplement at vitamin shop made my twin labs its called stress solution. http://www.allstarhealth.com/f/twinlab-str...m_campaign=8319 I took it for two days and noticed my tics got so bad that I just stopped after 2 days. Now I just cant figure out if it was the stress solution or just a coincidence, is there anything in that formula that might cause my tics to go crazy?



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both theanine and ginseng increase dopamine, so that is likely why it triggered more tics!


have you tried Bach's Rescue Remedy for stress? it is a herbal flower formula and my son has always found it very helpful. just a few drops under the tongue is enough. you can get it at health stores and least expensive at iherb.com


chamomille tea is also very helpful

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