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TS Progression


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My son is 10 Years old and has recently been diagnosed with TS.

It began with eye/facial tics, then abdominal tics, slight leg spasms and now primarily shoulder shrugging. Some minor vocal tics specifically sniffling and throat clearing. Also, drumming/tapping on things but not sure if this is his musical

interests showing or part of his TS. At this point no ADHD, although his 8 year old brother is ADHD, and no signs of OCD. He attends an academically challenging school and is in the middle of the pack so no real learning disabilities at this point.


The tics started about 18 months ago and he is now on week 4 of Tenex.

As I learn more about this medical issue and the results that folks have had with non-medicate solutions the more apt I will be to take him off medication but I am still in the education process.


He is going to an allegist today that was listed on one of theT he American Academy of Environmental Medicine. www.aaem.com website and we will take it from there.


Overall I would classify his current condition as mild to moderate. What I have had trouble fully understanding is the likely progression of the ailment. My sons neurologist claims that 75% of children with TS get better as they reach puberty yet I still see alot of adults posting on the site. Does a mild case of TS at 10 years old mean that it will remain mild or is the progression more random than that?


This is my first post so apologies if my note breaks any rules of etiquete on the site. Thanks for your time.

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Welcome NickyT,


I have never been able to find answers to that question, nor seen them posted sorry. Maybe Chemar will have insight to add when she checks in?


My big concern is that some of the recent increase in tics and TS diagnosis is really a result of mercury, etc... similar to the presumed reason (by many) for the increase in autism.


While a genetic case of TS may show recovery through puberty, if it is a toxicity issue, I am not so convinced that it resolves on its own in the same way. You may wish to bring the list of tests discussed in my post for newcomers (on this top page) and bring it to your doctor to see if he is willing to try some out. Allergies are usually a big part of it.


Good luck.


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I am leaving for the airport to take my son to college so will answer in more detail tomorrow.


Just wanted to say Hi and welcome :mellow:

and you are doing great by beginning to investigate alternatives!


There is no "prototype" progression for TS and some have it lifelong and some go into a form of "remission" at various phases.

But the more you do the good stuff to help, the better it gets!


back tomorrow


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Thanks Claire and Chemar, I appreciate the response.


I have been reading through as many posts as possible and compiled, what I believe to be, a comprehensive list of tests that are suggested on the forum.


I am although unsure where to find the newcomer test list that you mention in your email?


The doctor we met yesterday is very interested in pursuing this approach

and started with allergy testing and detailed an elimination diet plan.

He is also testing for strep , staph and heavy metals so I feel lucky to have found this fellow(btw - he is in Manhattan).


My sons has had 2 ASO titer tests and the levels are not through the moon but certainly elevated in both cases. The other interesting coincidence is that the tics first appeared as we were doing major construction on our home.

Have you seen this trigger the onset of tics?


Thank you again for your insights.



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