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Does "Sudden Onset" Criteria Measure Up?  

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  1. 1. How did you or your child's PANDAS make itself known?

    • Literally overnight onset -- one day he/she was fine, the next he/she was a mess!
    • Overnight exacerbation, but had exhibited previous signs or "quirks."
    • Previously received another diagnosis (TS, OCD, etc.), but increase or exacerbation in behaviors brought us to PANDAS.
    • Nothing appeared "sudden" at all (either initially or in exacerbation), but symptoms/behaviors overall point to PANDAS.

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It's a little specific, I suppose, but given the apparent commonality of the experience, maybe it should be added to the list of signs to watch for in your child: "Does your child like to control doors, especially the automated variety?" :P


really interesting about the specific strange behaviors. when we went to the alternative practicioner last week, he had a long questionairre about behaviors. one of them was "destroys things with feet". my son doesn't necessarily 'destroy' things, but he does often put his feet on/in things, much more often in exacerbation. like game boxes, steps on books, slides around on coats or anything that may have dropped on the floor -- the sliding around thing drives me crazy! i'll have to ask next time why that's on there - if it's sensory or what.

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