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How does your child deal with peers?


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My son was in the school play on Friday. They had a morning show for the school and evening show for family and friends. He managed to control his tics for the most part in the morning. I noticed them but most others probably didn't. Totally different story in the evening. His head started shaking right from the start of the play. He had to physically hold his chin with his hands to try to keep his head from shaking so much. He said the kids around him were asking him if he was ok. As soon as the show was done he wanted to go right home. He had a nasty headache.


The head shaking continued throughout the weekend, mostly in the evening when he was tired. Play practice was brutal the previous week. He was exhuasted and we traveled out of town on the weekend for a family birthday.


He went back to school yesterday, Monday. He didn't seem at all concerned about what the other kids would say. But it breaks my heart that he had to deal with such violent tics on stage when he just wanted to be up there having fun with the rest of the kids! He missed one of his lines, too. I think it was because he had to concentrate so hard on his tics.


We are having someone come in and talk to the class about tics/tourette's next week. My son is almost 11 and requested this. He wants everyone to know. I am hopeful that the kids will support and accept him once they are educated about tics. In fact, I just found out that one of his best friends has some transient tics. I never had a clue. I am hoping this leads to some conversation between the boys.


So how does your child deal with peers who notice the tics and classify them as "different"? What does your child say in response to others when they notice their tics? My son just tells them it is something my body does and I can't control it. I wish I could but I can't. Any other ideas???


I wish I could make this all better for him! I know it seems harder for me right now than for him. He really seems to accept the tics and deals with them the best he can.


Any suggestions/insight is appreciated!



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Hi Hope


this aspect is so hard for us as momma bears isnt it!


here is another recent thread on this that may give some insight from other members




good for your son on having someone come in to educate the class re the TS/tics <_<

I think you will be amazed at how accepting and understanding most kids are...often far more so than some adults!

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