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Stomach aches can be caused by pandas

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Don't know if it is a physical, ocd, or anxiety thing. My dd had daily stomach aches post strep for 9 mos. We did gi testing- came up with nothing. The stomach aches went away once we did full dose zithromax (counter intuitive right?)


I wish I had seen this in black and white when we were pursuing only the GI route- waste of time...

I spent all last year asking about stomach aches. From what I figured out, lots of PANDAS kids seem to have migraine type things going on. We finally decided my son had abdominal migraines. Once he started taking magnesium supplements they decreased in frequency and severity. He will still get them (just not as severe) if he gets dehydrated, too hungry, or spends too much time in front of a movie or TV screen, especially if it is a fast action movie and he sits too close. If I catch it quick a dose of ibuprofen will do the trick. If not, I usually give him a dose of magnesium, ibuprofen and he takes an epsom salt bath with lavendar, rosemary and peppermint essential oils. Usually that will solve it and we can stop it from getting to the point where he throws up. He used to get them almost weekly, now it is more like one every other month.


I had no idea this was linked to PANDAS either until I started reading past posts and soooo many people talk about it. I think the official name is Cyclical Vomiting and once I googled it I knew that I had found what he has.

I have a number of cases of PANDAS presenting exclusively (at least initially) as cyclic vomiting. Gotta write them up!


Dr. T

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We started with cyclical vomitting in toddler hood and just made the PANS connection in the past few weeks (DS turns six tomorrow). Vomitting stopped with removing gluten and dairy but he's had epsiodes of severe stomach pain (of the sort that lead us to emerg to rule out something serious) following a cold, and lots of tummy complaints now during this major flare. There does also seem to be an anxiety connection as the pains are worse on school days!

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Dropping in without having read the above posts, but my dd complained of stomach aches for at least a year, maybe a year and a half before onset of severe "initial" exacerbation. Ironically, the stomach aches stopped when all of the other symptoms kicked in! We suspect Bartonella in her, in addition to myco p, and her doctor (llmd) tells us that stomach aches are probably the #1 complaint/symptom of children with Lyme. We also ended up doing barium swallow, ultrasound and finally an endoscopy-- "nothing wrong".

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