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Is anybody watching 20/20?

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We are on the West Coast. It's set to record. Do they mention any bacterial or viral connection to that girl's condition?


I missed the first half (I'll have to "Hulu" it later), but I'm catching the second half now. I've seen the Janni girl on another program, with her imaginary friends Tuesday, Wednesday, etc. Really scary and painful. Right now, I'm just incredibly agitated that some of these kids aren't getting the help they need because the parents are tapped out financially and the insurance companies cease to cover hospital stays, etc. OMG! How WRONG is that?!?!


My DH just reminded me that that "Scientific American Mind" article that circulated several weeks ago -- "Infected with Insanity" -- mentioned a link between flu-infected pregnant moms and schizophrenic children. So while I haven't heard them mention single infectious agent affiliated with any of these children thus far, the potential has been noted elsewhere. :huh:

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I honestly wish I had not watched it......now I am freaked out! :D


Reminds me of the time my son was hallucinating, had that not there look in his eyes, etc. UGH!


My older son with just tics....gosh, I'll take it ANY day over the intrusive thoughts/hallucinations, etc., my younger son had.


I even asked him before he went to bed if he still hears the horn and then sees the little girl with blonde hair standing at the foot of his bed! :( I hadn't brought it up in a long time 'cause he doesn't like to remember it or talk about it......but, I just had to ask. Thank God he said no.... he hasn't seen anything in a long time! ^_^

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I missed it. As for the reference to "Infected with Insanity" it also said that if there is an autoimmune reaction, even getting the flu shot while pregnant can increase the risk of the child getting schizophrenia later on in life


The full microbe list for schizophrenia is....


Prenatal: influenza, rubella, toxoplasma gondii, herpes, lyme, polio, measles


postnatal: T.gondii, lyme, chlamydia, herpes

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Do they mention any bacterial or viral connection to that girl's condition?



i saw the second half due to the post. did they mention if any of them had a neurological work up or if they diagnosed as psychiatric and treated in that manner? i posted a few weeks ago, that it seemed the two fields should be interrelated and they don't seem to be in reality. dr T. stated that they are, which i certainly appreciate his expertise. was there any mention of neurology or only psychiatry?

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Symptoms Of Schizophrenia in Children.......WOW



In children with schizophrenia, behavior changes may occur slowly, over time, or have a sudden onset. The child may gradually become more shy and withdrawn. They may begin to talk about bizarre ideas or fears and begin to cling more to parents. One of the most disturbing and puzzling characteristics of schizophrenia is the sudden onset of its psychotic symptoms. "Psychotic" refers to ideas, perceptions, or feelings that are grossly distorted from reality. The following are the most common symptoms of schizophrenia. However, each child may experience symptoms differently.


Early warning signs of schizophrenia in children may include:


•distorted perception of reality (difficulty telling dreams from reality)


•confused thinking (i.e., confusing television with reality)


•detailed and bizarre thoughts and ideas


•suspiciousness and/or paranoia (fearfulness that someone, or something, is going to harm them)


•hallucinations (seeing, hearing, or feeling things that are not real such as hearing voices telling them to do something)


•delusions (ideas that seem real but are not based in reality)


•extreme moodiness


•severe anxiety and/or fearfulness


•flat affect (lack of emotional expression when speaking)


•difficulty in performing schoolwork


•social withdrawal (severe problems in making and keeping friends)


•disorganized or catatonic behavior (suddenly becoming agitated and confused, or sitting and staring, as if immobilized)


•odd behaviors (i.e., an older child may regress significantly and begin acting like a younger child)

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