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Sad to be back but reminded we just can't get lazy

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It's been nearly a year since I was here. I sort of thought we had said goodbye to the tics. Last August we learned my son had food sensitivites to Egg, all dairy, peanut and wheat...... We did a pretty good job eliminating these from the diet and said goodbye to the worst of the tics (eye blinking, pulling of the eyes, throat clearing head jerking). In the last couple of months I got lazy. I really feel like it's totally my fault. Baker just seemed to be doing so great...a birthday party here and there, cookies at a friends and then the topper was some reduced sugar (splenda) muffins I made this week and the tics came back with a vengence. He also got very grumpy during these out of control tic episodes. Almost manic, which is not normal when he is eating clean. I got the sick feeling again just watching my little guy tic like crazy last night. So we are cleaning things up again and hoping they go away. My worst fear is that a switch will get turned on and I won't get it to stop. Baker is nearing 6 years old and been having tics that were noticable for the last two years.....


It's just a wake up call to all of us who have had good results with food elimination. The work is so hard but I really think if it works it is worth all the extra thought and effort. By the way we only use a multi-vitamin currently.


24hrs clean of know sensitivites and I feel like maybe there is a little improvment...but I've also turned off the TV, its a huge trigger for him and I just can't bear to watch. I might just be wishful thinking too. Keep your fingers crossed for us and I'll update in a few days with our progress.

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Hi Lorie

good to see you again tho sorry it is for this reason!


and yup, we learned the hard way that even a tiny slip in my son consuming the things that are bad for him can result in a BIG increase in his symptoms


I really do wonder if many of our kids have Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) from all the chemicals they get exposed to from birth. We know my son has it and I think that is why he is so highly reactive to the garbage they add to processed and packaged foods


hope you are doing some detoxing with the epsom salts baths to help get the yuck out of his system

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Sorry about your son's reaction. It's great though that you have found what his triggers are and can again go back to him eating safe foods and he'll be okay in a few days!


My son has had specific foods elimated from his diet and today he's having a school party with one of the foods (cheese pizza) and I'm a bit uneasy about how he'll react. He's only been on the diet for around a month and a few weeks back did let him have a few no-no foods and he began ticking for a day or two.


Not sure what to do about Easter. I said he could eat chocolate (which we eliminated) which probably wasn't a good promise to make to him.

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