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Why are our kids testing positive for so many things..strep, lyme,viru

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I dont post here much but this site has helped me for the past 5 years in helping my kids.

I have done supplements, chelation, diet and just now starting abx for PANDAS and just found out he has viruses.

He has a very very high load of LEAD in his body.

Now I am doubting they have lyme too. Will be testing soon for this.

But I cant seem to understand why our kids are getting these pathogens loaded in theier bodies in the first place.

Is it heavy metals that cause these pathogens to add up OR the pathogens cause heavy metal issues in their bodies.

Has anyone dealt with both these issues in their kids? Just want to know how many of our kids are heavy metal toxic?



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I have a quote from something attributed to Louis Pasteur in my signature


"The microbe is nothing, the terrain is everything"


I honestly feel that yes, things like heavy metals, chemicals and other toxins, allergens, the multiple childhood vaccines and other things that can compromise the immune system or GIT etc..... along with a genetic predisposition, is what makes someone more susceptible to infection, and also determines their reaction to the infection

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I would think that depends on the condition of the patient, as well as the protocol of the treating physician


obviously if someone is in crisis with an infection, then the first response should be to stabilize them asap, and usually that is done with antibiotics if an infection is found


our physicians (integrative MDs and naturopaths) worked toward a healing that targeted identifying and eradicating the microbes, toxins, irritants, potential allergens etc (ie the "triggers") as much as possible while implementing healing for the compromised system.


other doctors may use different methods.


our docs have always indicated that just eradicating the trigger without trying to work on the environment that allows it to conduct its triggering, is an incomplete treatment and rather "patching" what is broken instead of "fixing" it

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Yes, this is the $64,000,000 question.


In my daughter's case, she became gravely ill following a tick bite. However, her symptoms were slow to appear until a few months later when she just began rapidly deteriorating. It occured to me years later that she was bit by the tick a couple of months after her 2yo immunizations. Since the immune system is depressed for several months following immunizations, I've wondered if that were the reason she could not handle the bacterial infection (and of course she was only 2!).


Later, after she was symptom-free for some time, she had a regression in symptoms (although this time only the ticks/ocd symptoms appeared). Again, this followed after her 5yo immunizations. (alas, no more immunizations for us!).


This is a 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle -- trying to figure out all the interlocking pieces. I absolutely agree with much of what Chemar, Caryn, and others post here. No matter what, we're all better off if we practice this advice. Antibiotics literally saved my daughter's life as she was incredibly ill. But even if you use them for a time, you ultimately have to fix the terrain as Chemar has said.


I know that in other posts I have advocated for people who might have serious infections other than strep to get the correct diagnosis so they can be on the correct abx. I still stand by that, because once you do get on the correct abx, at the correct dosages, you will have some recovery and can terminate their use. For instance, our original ped put my daughter on Augmentin for a suspected (non-lyme) infection early on, before we got confirmed lyme diagnosis. However, this only served to make her ultimately much sicker. Once we went on the Omnicef/Zitho combo, she show immediate improvement. She is now off all abx and doing fantastic. And I am on to fixing my daughter's immune system in more natural ways.

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