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Newly Diagnosed Tic Disorder (7 1/2 year old girl)

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Is there TS in the family?


Chicken pox is a childhood disease. In my opinion it is best to have it as a child, as the symptoms are milder than when having it as an adult. Also, having chicken pox excercises one's immune system and builds lifelong immunity. Why would you want to vaccinate your son if he doesn't get it by 12?


If i knew what i know now, chicken pox vaccine would be one of the vaccines that i would opt out.



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I wanted to respond to your email because it reads so similar to what we've gone through over the past year and I wanted to share some of what we've found. My daughter's tics came on when she was about 6 1/2 and they started with a head tic, almost a nodding action that was repeated over and over again. Shortly after she developed a couple other tics, one of them was an arm flapping, much like a birdlike motion and sometimes an arm straightening motion. We would at times also see a bit of a hop in her gait as well, but this was mainly noticeable to us.


On my side, we have a family history of some tics, but for the most part grow out of them. However, I do have a relative that didn't. My daughters tics were very concerning because they seemed to be so pronounced and came on so quickly. After reading this forum and searching endless hours on the Internet, I started looking at everything in our environment and the foods we were eating. I had thought my daughter for some time was not tolerating dairy (which is also inherited from my side), but her pediatrician assured me that the stomach aches were normal growing pains etc.


I took her to an allergist and they did a scratch test and found her allergic to many seasonal allergies, but no food allergies. This still didn't make sense to me because the stomach aches were getting worse, so I decided to have her tested for food intolerances, an IgG test. Her pediatrician was very surprised when her results came back and she was extremely high on all dairy and obviously didn't tolerate it at all. She also came back high on a few other food items.


We immediately removed dairy, which after 2 weeks got rid of the stomach aches. Then we kept a food diary and started on an elimination diet. Many of the foods that we found to be the biggest triggers were high in phenols; things like: berries, apples, some nuts, raisins etc. These foods did not show up on our IgG test, but were huge triggers.


It's the cummulative affect for us, every time we give the foods that cause the problem the glass starts getting fuller and fuller until it starts flowing over the side. It is at this point that we see the tics. So for now, we avoid all the known food triggers, take a great multi-vitamin, a calcium supplment, a probiotic, do most of our cooking from scratch, and try to stay on top of it day to day.

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