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Hi all,

I just wanted to thank the people on this forum for having a forum! I live in the UK and if it wasnt for this forum - I would not have 'met' with the lovely 'jewels' - also from the UK. We spoke on the phone today and she has helped me understand so much. My son had an infection and she told me which antibiotic would be good to try in case he has PANDAS - so I went armed with all the information (you wouldnt believe how little our docs know about pandas) and ready to beg for the antibiotic, however, he just gave it to me anyway - the right one! Hopefully it will be of benefit - but if not - at least i have tried and maybe can rule some things out.


So thankyou forum members - i would be lost without this place. And thankyou Jewels - your amazing. Bev x

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What is the best antibiotic for PANDAS? My daughter was perscribed 1000 mg of Amoxicillin per day for 30 days. We're on day 12, and while she's better than day 1, she's not anywhere near "normal".



I hope she is coming around the corner!!!!

Even when my son would remit after antibiotics...the first couple of weeks were minimal...then i saw a greate slide to the good side

And i don't know your story...but you may need a longer dose??// and you may have some other thing, allergies,, gut issues working against you

I sure if you start posting people smarter than me will help

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That's really kind of you :) I've justed passed on information that I knew nothing about until I was educated by all the brains on these forums.

Remember that we only get tiny doses, so next infection (not ever wanting to wish one that is!) you can try Keflex etc. It's a learning curve to always keep trying to find what could help your child. keep looking for trigger reactions.


And as the song goes "You'll never walk alone" on this forum!


keep us all updated


Take care


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