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Fish Oil Sensitivity in some may be genetic


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I and others have posted before that even tho our kids can eat fish with no problem, yet fishoil (any kind) seems to be a tic trigger, and so they get their omega 3 from non fishoil sources


well, someone wrote to me elsewhere with this info.

I dont fully understand all it is saying yet :angry:


But I get that fishoil contains the EPA and DHA whereas with flaxseed oil, it is ALA (alpha linoleic acid, not alpha lipoic acid)which is then converted to DHA and EPA, so maybe that is why it is better tolerated than the fishoil in susceptible individuals?


In addition, i noted your comment about your son's inability to take fish oil. (He may) possess a genetic mutation to the gene which encodes a transport protein for xenobiotics plus several endogenous substances to be moved across the membrane of hepatocytes into the liver for detoxification. The gene is SLCO1B1. In addition to statins this transport protein is responsible for movement of EPA into the liver for metabolization--as well as bile--which messes up the feedback mechanism for cholesterolgenesis, resulting in higher cholesterol levels for those individuals with this mutation--resulting in treatment with statins.This mutation is present in a large percentage of the population


the transport protein is also responsible for movement of a class of anti hypertensives as well as a class of anti diabetic agents. fortunately, no one in our family has either of these aliments.

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