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Gat's Mom,


Just reading this thread, I thought I should update you with my memory of how my cough has gone through the biaxin treatment.


The cough did come up roughly a week in to treatment. If you asked me today, I'd guess it occurred days 5, 6, and 7, but time has a way of making those things hard to remember, so whatever I might have said previously is likely more accurate. But, pretty sure it lasted a few days. For each day, it was definitely more in the morning, the hour or so after getting up, but did appear at other "random" time throughout the day. Though couldn't get doctor to comment, I very much believe this is part of the healing process, something like the couple ideas presented earlier in the thread. A day or two afer this cough went away, my body energy tested for not wanting the biaxin anymore. I have continued to take it, but the point is, this is a bit consistent with something good having happened there. I did have another day or two of similar coughing somewhere near the end of week 3 (days 18-19 perhaps?), and again, this period was preceded by testing good for the drug, and afterward, I am now back to not testing good for the drug. I am pretty sure I will stop after day 28, this coming Sunday/Monday, but the cycling like this makes it an interesting guess of when you're really "done".


I have read the ILADS guide that lyme mom posted a while back, and all the drug treatments. Since I was being prescribed biaxin, I remember what it said about it, and it said it was used sometimes, but was not really the drug of choice. On the lyme topic, the bartonella coinfection symptoms are the ones that look most like PANDAS to me, and I remember the best drug for that is not given to children (on my list of things to do, to research why that is, even though I'm not a child, it seems like there might be more reason for caution, just like they used to suggest not giving fish poisoned with mercury to children and pregnant women, but really, mercury isn't so good for everyone else either...).


Rant/whine comging: I am still waiting lyme results, very frustrated at this point, getting ready to shift antibiotics, seems like it would be great to consider that information, the results were provided to my doctor last week Wednesday, and here I am 8 days later not knowing anything, because of the rule the doctor has of not giving results to patients until they are discussed. As I told the assistant there, that's fine, but then let's get on with it and discuss it, earlier appointment or call me or something, but waiting 2.5 weeks for an appointment on these results is making me crazy. (Sure, I'm comfortable here at home avoiding the wireless stuff and fluorescent stuff at work, but I have a set time period of 6 months to return to work before losing my job, clock has been ticking for over a month now...).



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as per this site...and i don't know how reliable they are


it says



2Use oral erythromycin as the drug of choice for mycoplasm infections


any thoughts on why Doc K or T aren't using this one







as per this site it says myco feeds on amino acids.....so should i stop giving my ds his morning amino acids(Nac and glycine)???

and what about fatty acids...Omega 3''' should i stop giving those for a while too....or give so it feeds on that and not the brain...i'm getting confused


. They have never been found growing freely as living organisms because they depend on their host for such things as fatty acids, amino acids, precursors for nucleic acid synthesis and cholesterol


How do i help starve this thing




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another thought on this MP....

it says they did a nasal /throat swab as anothr confirmng DNA test....


could that be done too, as in it might be hiding in his sinuses



And what about a the CSF test they ran on the kids mentioned in the article??/

Someone here lost there brother to cancer and the only place they found the cancer for many years was in his spine and it didn't show up anywhere else till a few weeks before he became an angel!!!

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