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Hi- for those of you using GABA-


How effective has it been for sleep, especially staying asleep?


For how many days/weeks was it taken before any effect was seen?


And has anyone seen the opposite effect to that you expected eg a ramping up in hyper/anxious behaviour or a worsening of sleep?


thanks :-)

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hi dut

we only used GABA for a short while and in very low dose and only when my son's anxiety was sky high


it seemed to calm him quickly and effectively


it is very very strong and so if you are using it and seeing opposite effect, then either the dose or frequency of taking it may be too high, or it may just not be something that your child needs, hence giving extra is too much

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Careful with tolerance and withdrawal.


I don't know about GABA directly, but I know some agents that act on the GABA systems (such as Phenibut) can build tolerance quickly and have horrific withdrawals.

I think it really depends on the dose, though, as I've taken my son off of his supplement that has the Phenibut and we've had no problems. The company that makes it told me that it's a very very small dose. He's back on it now, but we've experimented with being on and off of it just so I could check for dependence problems. Both our naturopaths weren't concerned about this problem, either, but I like to cover my bases!


As for GABA, my husband takes it daily and he says it takes the edge off of his anxiety and stress.

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Hi- thanks for all the responses folks... :wacko:


We have seen ramping and it hasn't helped sleep at all.. in fact appeared to make it worse. We also tried valerian prior to this for nearly 2 weeks with no effects and when I tried to up the valerian we also seemed to see a ramp in behaviours.


I have revisited the GABA over the last few days (in desperation) with the same effect and last night tried an epsom salt bath too, thinking maybe in conjunction it may help but, unfortunately, not. My ds2 usually wakes 8 ish times a night between my bedtime (11pm ish ) and 6.30 am. Last night using GABA and epsom salts he woke about 12 times!!


Oh well, back to square 1. If anyone has any ideas I would be grateful. He is 2 and a possible PANDAS kid (sister is dx PANDAS and he had a cunningham of 151% and some possible clinical sign but difficult to know at 2 years old).


Thanks again :)

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just a suggestion....have you had your little one's tonsils looked at? sometimes large tonsils can cause difficulty breathing and apnea at night and that disturbs sleep. he is still a baby, so if he's waking up alot, does he cry or just call you? a baby may have discomfort of waking up alot and not be able to just roll back over and go to sleep. just a thought. we recently had our childs tonsils out as he had large tonsils and we could see that it was causing some heavy breathing at night. I can't say if he woke up alot, but I'm sure he didn't have a complete deep sleep as he was always tired in the morning. but my son is 10, so if their sleep is disturbed, they just go back to sleep. maybe check it out, and monitor his sleep for a few nights.



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