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Over the counter throat checker? Blood tests?

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I am researching PANDAS. I found the flow chart for diagnosing.....I have a sore throat and my son's throat is scratchy when reading. For a week or so he has had tics after 11 months tic free...this weekend they exploded from a minor eyebrow strectch to full head tonight.....the minor tics have been at least a week (?)....and his attitude has gone south for about a week!!! Is it too late to check for strep in a throat culture? Do I need to do blood tests if I go the DR tomorrow?


It appears that everyone in the house should be checked? Is there a way other than all of us going to the DR?


I know nothing about Strep. I thought if you had it you end up with high fever and throat so sore you can't swallow??

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A lot of PANDAS kids (a nd their siblings and parents) do not get fevers or sore throats. Everyone needs to rule out strep whenever there has been an infection in the house.


If anyone is + for strep, they alsohave to go for a follow up strep test 3 weeks after finsihing abx tomake sure the infection was erradicated.


Go into the dr, get a rapid done. If the rapid is negative, make sure they run a culture on it. If the culture is negative, then get the blood test done.


As for the rest of the family, you could try to get drs to just give an antibiotic instead of going in, but not any will do that and, personally, I think it's important to know if you had strep. It will help you know in the future if you are non-symptomatic and if you need a follow up.I know it's a pain and get expensive bringing everyone in, but it needs to be done. if you have bad insurance, like me, you could bring family members into a minute clinic at some grocery stores or walgreens to get strep test. It's cheaper at those clinics. But the PANDAS child...I'd bring the to their reg dr.

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