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Well guys, we hardly ever get sick but ds and I are both sick. I started it with a cold last Wed and then G got it on Thursday. He's followed the typical cold symptoms; sore throat day 1, sniffling and sneezing with mild congestion for a few days, and now the miserable cough with more congestion. No green gunk, thank goodness but he feels miserable.


We try to stay away from meds and I'm trying every natural/herbal healing remedy I've got. What have you all done for your kids when they get sick? Right now he's sitting in front of a small humidifier that I have tea tree oil and eucalyptus oil mixed in. I have a chest rub that I made with those same oils on him and he's drinking tea with apple cider vinegar and honey. As for me, I've got the crud stuck in my chest and can't bring it up but I feel fine otherwise. If I was to go out and try to run a mile, I'd probably croak but otherwise I'm doing well. Thankfully, dh is staying healthy!


Hope everyone is doing well and I pray that all of you in the mid-atlantic are with power and digging out well and staying healthy!



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sorry to hear that you & your son are sick.


this is what we do on the first onset of illness.


1. frequent low dose of vit C ( 500mg - 1000 mg depend on age ), 2/3 hours apart

2. frequent low dose of elderberry extract for viral issues (3/4X a day)

3. garggle w/warm salt water and drink a couple of gulps (3X a day), helps w/bacterial & virals issues

4. take probiotic 2 or 3X a day


Once symptoms start to get better, then i gradually tapper off the frequency of above supplements, and cont w/the regiment for 2/3 days after recovery to support the body.


In the meantime, eat lite, plenty of fluid and rest. Hope you feel better soon.



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Thanks Pat! We're doing all that plus taking NAC for the congestion and using essential oils. He keeps proclaiming wellness by tomorrow b/c he's resting and drinking lots of fluids today! He'll probably start to feel better when the fever breaks and when some of the congestion lets up.

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dont forget the chicken soup!! it really works wonders for colds because of the cysteine content apparantly


I simmer a 1/2 chicken breast(with bones) in a medium sz pot of water carrots, celery, salt. pepper, garlic, parsley. If you want to add noodles toward the end, that is good too. Remove the bones when it is done, and chop the chicken into small bite sized pieces


hope y'all feel better soon Bonnie

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Must be nice. For some reason, every time I get a cold, the "sore throat" lasts for 4-5 days and is hellish. Sometimes the next symptoms (stuffy nose, sneezing, etc.) don't even start until 4-5 days later.


Ever since I got mono when I was 17, my colds have always contained the worst sore throats ever. I have to take Vicodin just to make it through the day. Last time I had a sore throat, just talking to someone made my eyes water from the pain. When I had mono I had a sore throat for a few weeks and it was going up into my ears as well. I wonder if something got messed up in that area because like I said, ever since then, my sore throats have been awful.


I've tried every remedy, western, eastern, and homeopathic, vitamin C, Airborne, Cold-Eeze, echineccea, goldenseal, Chinese herbs, apple cider vinegar, cayenne pepper, cold calm, Boiron pellets, zinc, colloidal silver, etc., and nothing works. Except narcotic pain killers wtchs.gif


Prior to getting mono, whenever I got a cold I had a mild to moderate sore throat for a day or two, and that was it.

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Sorry you guys are sick, Bonnie.


We are sick here too... Sick of SNOW! :(


Did your mom tell you we are to get another foot tomorrow.


Kids are out of school all week.


Has she dug out yet?



I'm not sure, haven't spoken to her since Sunday night but she wasn't too confident that they were going anywhere any time soon! She did tell me that you guys wouldn't have school this week.


Grif is feeling better today, the fever broke over night. He's still got a nasty cough but I'm using NAC to help thin out the mucus.

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