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boycotting food

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HI Gayle,

Can you try giving him digestive enzymes to help digest the foods and vits that might

be irritating his GI system.

The gluten free diet is very helpful but start it slowly not all at once or they go into

a withdrawl and craving mode...the yeast are screaming for food.

Because he has no appetite now, maybe he was exposed to more infection, thus the

increase in pandas symptoms. Hopefully, he will get stronger and turn around soon.


I like the low thyroid possiblity, can you get a thyroid labs checked out, easy fix

with meds.


Just my 2 cents...


Carole B)


And I appreciate those 2 cents, Carole. He's going to have to stabilize before I can get more labwork out of him. Normally sticks are a nonissue for him but oh boy, not this time. Have an appt to go over his labs with Dr. T this afternoon. We've used Houston Enzymes in the past and it may definitely be time to revisit.


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