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The Treatments that have Helped My Son


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Hello Cheri

I just wanted to give you an update. 4 days ago I added B6 and changed antihistamine (I know I should not have added 2 things at the same time). He has been tic free COMPLETELY for 2 days. Now I have no clue what did it, if it was the additions, or other environmental factors. Thank you, it makes me feel better to have your feedback!

Take care


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In one of your posts, you said that you believe the tics are connected to probs with immune system and inflamation. You said that you believed that we should avoid boosting their immune system. What kinds of things boost their immune system? Do you mean





Anything else?

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I think you may have misunderstood my post


I mentioned that my son also has Crohn's Disease and that is autoimmune and inflammatory, so therefore we need to modulate and not boost his immune system, as well as limit anything that promotes inflammation


altho TS tics may be related to immuno issues, and possibly inflammation too, as yet there is no clear evidence that it is autoimmune.

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Hi Cheri,

How did you know your son had yeast overgrowth? did you do any Great plains test?

I'm suspecting my son has something, his tummy is kind of big (inflate, like the babies) and he is a skinny boy. Besides he has a lot of gas and complains of tummy ache.

I started with a good probiotic around 10 days ago, but he still takes antibiotic and he used to take a lot of antibiotic when he was a toddler.

Which type of doctor recommended all these supplements?Is it a nutritionist/allergist? how did you decided what things give your son?


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Hi Deby


we first did the home spit test for candida (found in the helpful threads post at the top of this forum) and then confirmed by the other testing


as mentioned in my first post of this thread, we worked with an Integrative physician (conventional MD who has specialized in alternative medicine) and her team, who included an acupuncture therapist, nutritionist, radiogenics therapist etc)

I found the info on the supps via Bonnie Grimaldi's research and other info on the web, and then took it all to out physician who, with her team, analyzed my son's test results and evaluations and helped me fine tune it all to best suit his unique needs

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quick update:

He is taking daily 1500mg Royal Jelly (using the one by NOW Foods) for the essential nutrients, especially the B vitamins (please note, the is a bee product)
Also using rose hips tea, peppermint tea, ginger tea, chamomille tea for nutrients, and raw organic honey which provide other important nutrients as do his incorporation of avocado, banana and sweet potato, olive oil and daily wild alaskan salmon, pure organic oats with homemade blueberry preserve (only add ginger and cinnamon) and maple syrup(100% pure organic)

>>>> for OCD is drinking lemon balm tea twice daily!! (he uses the Celebrations Herbal pure lemon balm tea)
and also aromatherapy with Jasmine oil (NOW pure jasmine oil)
we are amazed at how well this works!

he is still taking the basic supps mentioned in the last update, just not the multi, and no more cal.mag/zinc supp

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just updating that my son (almost 21 years old) is basically now using only his diet and incorporating special teas, and only a few pill supplements, to treat the TS tics, Tourettic OCD, and Crohn's. He has reduced the supplements drastically since my last update!



the only pill/capsule nutritional supplements he is still taking are:-


ROYAL JELLY (he has switched to NOW's 1000mg gelcap 2x daily)

(for general nutrition as a "multi" supp & source of B vitamins.

There are so many all purpose benefits, from nutritional to antimicrobial, in Royal Jelly, made by the worker bees to feed the queen and baby bees)

My son is using it as a multi purpose supplement in conjunction with



NOW vitamin D3 Oil caps (general health and aids neurology)


NOW Boswellin (Boswellia with Curcumin extract & Turmeric Powder (anti inflammatory etc mainly for the Crohn's but also has positive impact on OCD and other health benefits)


DGL-LIQUORICE losenges (vitamin shoppe) to help heal his GIT. Essential Crohn's, IBD, leaky gut supp)


SLIPPERY ELM bark to provide protective coating for GIT. also has other health properties



The nutritional organic teas he is using are:

ROSE HIP (Alvita) for multi properties, rich in many essential nutrients

PEPPERMINT & GINGER (Alvita) for anti-inflammatory and digestive properties

CHAMOMILLE for general health and as a calminative for neurology and GIT

LEMON BALM (Celebrations Herbal) for remarkable properties in keeping OCD, anxiety etc subdued

GREEN TEA (Prince of Peace) mainly for the theanine that helps neurology, but also for the long list of nutritional & health benefits)



His DIET is very strict for the Crohn's mainly (he went totally organic, pure, and additive/preservative free years ago for the neurology with major benefits

He is now totally gluten and dairy free, not because of testing allergic, but due to the tremendous benefit it has on the Crohn's

He follows the basic ideas of the Anti-inflammatory diet recommended by Dr Andrew Weil ( http://www.drweil.co...flammatory-diet ) with adaptations for the fact that he has Crohn's, and has chosen to go dairy and gluten free. The post above this one details some of the foods that he feels are absolutely essential to his overall health and nutritional needs re the neurology and Crohn's


uses the *raw honey* liberally and finds it remarkable how it calms anxiety too! and of course it has great antimicrobial and nutritional properties.

also uses organic MAPLE SYRUP ( I was amazed to learn its health and healing proeprties beyond just that it tastes good !)


Spices= CINNAMON & GINGER & Garlic & Turmeric for many reasons



EPSOM SALTS bath or footbath daily


Jasmine & Lavender & Clove & peppermint oils for assorted aromatherapy health properties. (finding jasmine especially remarkable for OCD, anxiety, depression etc)


so that is it :-)

minimal supplements and mainly food and teas to meet his neurology and digestive, immuno and anti-inflamm health needs.

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He has successfully added fresh limes to his diet as another help for OCD (added to salmon & avocado, and also lemon balm and rose hip teas daily) We learned limes are very high in natural inositol. Plus they have other health properties.

He has added these carefully in moderation as he does have to be careful of citrus upsetting Crohn's


we found an interesting list of foods rich in inositol. Do be careful with grapefruit if you are on meds and some supps as it can alter their absorption. Also some people really cant tolerate much citrus, so even tho limes, oranges and grapefruit are very high in inositol, go slow and balanced!


note too how high cantaloupe is !



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thank you for posting your information. I am very new to this site but your information was helpful. I feel very overwhelmed by the amount of information in your post however. My son age 13 has been diagnosed with OCd about 4 1/2 years ago and as recently as two weeks ago with tourettes. I am very overwhelm by all the info. i have started to eliminate artificial flavors, colorings, dyes, vanillin, high fructose from his diet but i am having a hard time finding wholesome foods to cook. he is also on medication and i am trying to gradually reduce this. any help would be great. i need a starting point. many thanks and regards

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yes, it can be very overwhelming when one starts to learn about all the alternative ways to help treat TS and tics.


The best way is to take one step at a time.


Try to find an Integrative doctor or a naturopath who can guide you, especially as your child is on medications.


I am not sure if you have noticed but most here have found that in addition to cleaning up the diet, MAGNESIUM seems to be very helpful in reducing tics.

Most people here use the Natural Calm ionic magnesium citrate mixed into a drink, as well as the epsom salts baths


I hope you find a good doctor to guide you


I would also suggest you start a new thread here about your child, as then more of our other members may respond with their experiences as well


all the best :)

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Can most of these supplements be taken with SSRIs/psychiatric drugs? I know the one my ODD are on you cannot mix any herbs with it. I am hoping after enough treatment we can maybe wean off them. My daughter is on fluvoxamine (Luvox generic) and generic Wellbutrin and I am on Luvox and BuSpar (all for depression and anxiety and severe OCD.

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many of the regular vitamin/mineral supps are listed as being safe with SSRIs, but it is always wise to consult your doctor..... but do not ever add anything that increases serotonin while still onSSRIs! So the supps used for OCD/anxiety/depression etc are best not mixed with SSRIs or other psychiatric drugs unless a physician has advised so.


you can check drug/supp interactions here


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