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It is often said on here that if your rapid comes back negative, to get a culture. Often offices will say that they only call the parents if the culture is positive. If it is negative, you won't get a call. Well, I'm just not that trusting and I always request they call for a negative as well (sometimes they do).


Today would have been the end of the 48 hour culture on my non-PANDAS son. Strep hit his classroom and he's non-symptomatic. I never got a call, so I got on the phone and asked for the results. well, some dropped the ball and they never ran the culture! My son was put on meds anyway, but I needed to know for sure if he was clear of strep since that would affect if I brought my daughter in for a test or if he needed a follow up after finishing meds (meds for different reason).


So, this is my simple reminder that if you don't get a call, follow up with your office for the results.

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yes - good reminder. the same thing happened to us in december. i called for the result - they told me neg - i said, i'm talking about the culture, not the rapid - are you sure it's the culture? yes.


i went in to get a copy of the lab - (i now get copies of everything) - they hadn't sent anything out. i was so upset. they did it again, but it cost us a few days!

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